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Would you stay at the historically haunted Driftwood Resort in Vero Beach, Florida?

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I've been on this weird kick lately while I'm trying to search for the most haunted resorts in Florida and I think I might have found one.

I'm certain that if you're a Florida native you ever heard of the historic town of  Vero Beach, which was established by the early Pioneers back in the 1880s. Wow one of those early settlers, Henry T Gifford, built a simple house that is now City Hall in present day Vero. So you can understand just how old this town is. And as I always say with towns this old there are bound to be ghosts. And apparently the historic Driftwood Resort is chock-full of them.
The Driftwood Resort in Vero Beach, FLEbyabe on Wikicommons

Why is the Driftwood Resort considered to be so haunted?

A member of the National Registry of historic places since 1994, the historic Driftwood Inn and Restaurant were built by Waldo East Sexton In 1935. It would be one of Mr Sexton's greatest achievements as he died in 1967 and it is still lasting today.  

What's cool is there are people alive today who remember Mr. Sexton himself building the hotels. Mr. Sexton would "pace up and down the beach shouting verbal instructions to the crews who work by voice command only without plans."

Perhaps this might have seemed like a madman's dream, but Mr Sexton didn't care. Though the Inn started as a beach house called "The Breezeway", his dream was "a two-story hotel with balconies everywhere surrounded by pool railings with turned or peeled log supports". And though nothing about the building seems to be done correctly,  with even the front porch off-kilter and described as looking like a "frozen wave" Mr. Sexton moved right in.

In fact, he proceeded to fill his home with all kinds of gadgets until his collection grew to be known by Driftwood employees as "The Menagerie of Monstrosities". Apparently, the most famous part of this strange hodgepodge of random items is Mr. Sexton's incredible collection of bells.  With bells ranging from mission bells from Mexico to the first one to grace the Old 97 of Virginia train heading to Key West.

It is said that Mr. Sexton would even tell people different stories as to how he came across all his random treasures. My favorite part about Mr. Sexton is when someone confronted him about the inconsistencies in his stories he said quote "I'd rather be a liar than a boar any day."

And now on to all the haunted stuff.

I want you to take three guesses as to who is on taking the former Driftwood Resort. if you said the ghost of Waldo Sexton then ding-ding we've got a winner. many guests and employees have made numerous reports about all the mischief Mr. Sexton has been getting into in the afterlife. Guests who have stayed in the suites where Mr. Sexton used to stay in have said that they heard noises coming from adjacent empty rooms.  There are also report from a security guard who "felt a tap on the shoulder by an unseen hand."

Can you take a tour of the Driftwood Resort?

If you would like to tour the historic and very haunted Driftwood Resort you are in luck. Vero Beach is not shy about their haunted status and very much welcome visitors who want to look further into the ghost potentially haunting Vero Beach.

 In fact, there is a tour called the Vero Beach Historical Walking Ghost Tour that is being held on both the 22nd and 27th of this month By Indian River hauntings a very trusted tour company.

According to the website, guests will "walk through time and cover the history of the Vero Beachside". The website also makes a point to say that this is not a tour was staged event.

And of course if you're really brave, you could always book a room at the resort.

 I know where I'm going on my next vacation. My only question is who's coming with me? 

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