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The Deering Estate is "One of the Most Haunted Places in South Florida". Would you visit?

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James Deering's house on the Deering Estate in Miami, FLLittleOrphanDani Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

There are so many haunted places in Florida it's hard for one to catch your eye and hold it. The moment I saw the name "Deering Estate" and the words "One of the Most Haunted Places in South Florida," though, I was charmed.

What makes the Deering Estate "One of the Most Haunted Places in South Florida"?

I'm sure many a Floridian has heard of the beautiful and historic Deering Estate, which is the preservation of the lavish estate created by Charles peering back in the 1920s. Part of the National Register of Historic places, visitors to the present day estate can enjoy many different events and tours.

After Charles Deering's death in 1927, his heirs kept hold of the estate until 1986 when the State of Florida swooped in, bought it, and made it an official Historic Place. Mr. Deering had a massive art collection, and his daughters donated most of it to the Art Institute of Chicago and the Libraries at Northwestern.

What's really interesting is many people who inherited Mr. Deering's belongings through donation or other means brought them back, and they can be seen by guests who come to the Deering estate.

the Cutler Burial Mound, which is believed to include around 12 to 18 burials and is one of the "few surviving prehistoric mounds in Miami-Dade County" an also be visited don the Deering estate with the help of a Natural Area Tour.

And as for the ghosts, well, you can only imagine what kind of spirits are lurking around a place with a title like this. Most might assume it's Charle's ghost that is rumbling around the grounds alone, and while he has made an appearance, it's the Burial mound that is the real paranormal star. According to many sources, there are two many ghosts to count.

Paranormal investigative team member Colleen Kelley says after investigating the estate they "recorded over 60 ghosts voices while walking around the mansion".

Can you take a ghost tour of the Deering Estate?

Yes! You can! While they are not year round, the Deering Estate hosts ghost tours as it nears October. Make sure to check the website to book your tickets because once they are gone they are gone as you can see here.

I will personally be checking the list and can't wait to go. My only question is: Who's coming with me?

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