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Thrillist says this is the "Most Haunted Bar in Florida". Would you get a drink?

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Since I've moved to Orlando, I've realized Florida is a state of "mosts". I thought my home state of California was the one, but Florida, to me, certainly takes the trophy as "most mosts" (so far). Especially in the weird and terrifying department. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Florida haunts regularly show up on top publications and shows like Sci-Fi, Ghost Adventures, Travel Channel and even Thrillist.

I took a look at Thrillist's "Most Haunted" list ( I can get lost in "most" lists for hours with no escape. They're addictive). And the name I saw that won top title for "Most Haunted Bar in Florida" is one I've been hearing a lot: Scarlett O' Hara's or the "Ghost Bar".

Interesting. Each time I do a Google search for "Most Haunted Bar's in Florida" Scarlett O' Hara's pops up, and I've been circling learning about it, but now is a better time than any because I am intrigued.

I'm sure many natives have heard the stories coming out of this bar. Like Thrillist says in their article: "To claim the title of Most Haunted Bar in part of the state rife with haunted bars, you need some serious spook."

But what makes Scarlett O' Hara's so danged scary?

Why is Scarlet O' Hara's considered the "Most Haunted Bar in Florida"?

Scarlett O' Hara's is in fact not one bar, but two that were originally homes built in 1879 conjoined for one building.

George Colee originally built the homes almost two decades after the Civil War built the homes. One for his fiancée who was billed as "not so nice" and the other for was built by an old lighthouse keeper. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Mr. Colee would go on to find his real love but then die soon after. His family stayed in the house until 1955, and then it became abandoned and closed off for almost 20 years.

1979 comes and Kevin Finch buys the two homes and started what I now call the "blueprint" for Scarletts, a popular hangout location for students at Flagler College. But in 1998 Scarlett's took it's true form when John Abizzani inherited the bar and the rest took off like a bang.

There is an Oyster Bar and a Main Bar on the first floor and a martini bar or "Ghost Bar" (fitting) as well as the actual restaurant are on the second floor. To keep up with it's name, Scarlett's is decorated in a "Gone With the Wind" theme.

There's karaoke and live bands, and any visit to a review site like Tripadvisor can show you, without all the ghosts, it's a great time.

But then there are the ghosts.

The ghost of Mr. Colee is said to still visit. There have been reports of hearing "splashing and low groans" which is said by those sensitive to spirits as being a "monologue of his last moments alive".

Guests of the Ghost Bar have heard the sounds of splashing water and low groans. Those sensitive to spiritual energies believe that George is playing a monologue of his last moments alive.

Another male spirit is said to "pull out a barstool, sit, then vanish".

I can't wait to head over to Scarlett's for a drink and some food. And of course ghosts. My only question is: Who's coming with me?

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