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Really, Virginia Beach? Another person has been injured by reckless driving

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Virginia Beach is on a roll with the hit-and-run accidents lately. Early this morning, Saturday June 12 at about 12:39 am Virginia Beach PD picked up several calls about a man who'd been injured by a truck who'd left the scene according to witnesses. The pedestrian had been hit by the truck in ther 2900 block of Shore Drive in Virginia Beach.

When Virginia Beach PD showed up to the scene, the victim was suffering from serious injuries before being rushed to hospital for treatment. If hitting a man and then driving away as if nothing happened isn't bad enough, some witnesses claim to have seen the driver of the truck, 20-year-old Virginia Beach native Reece Christian Sheppard watching from the crowd that had gathered around the crash site. If learning this disgusts you, you're not alone.

Fortunately, there is some good news. Virginia Beach Police PD have arrested the accused Mr. Sheppard after his vehicle was found resting in a business parking lot close by. Reece is booked into the Virginia Beach City Jail where he's looking at a number of charges such as "the maiming of another resulting from driving under the influence", "underage possession of alcohol," and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Virginia Beach PD says the incident is still under investigations by the Fatal Crash Team.

While it's nice there was some justice for this victim, it's horrifying how many hit-and-run accidents there have been around Virginia beach lately, particulary in May and June. Some have even lost their lives, and people are left wondering why. Virginia Beach, you have a responsibility to drive safely. Children live in this town, families, and good people. It's not worth driving like an idiot to get to where you need to go sooner, and as far as drving under the influence, that's just asking for trouble.

What do you think about the recent hit-and-run?

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