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Virginia Beach man charged with 'indecent exposure' after exposing himself near a daycare

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What is wrong with some people in Virginia Beach? Sure, there are people that are awful all over the world, but lately there have been some horrible stories in the news around Virginia Beach. Hit and runs at the Virginia Beach Ocean Front, shootings in parts of Virginia Beach, and now people exposing themselves near daycares?

On December 2, 2020, a 66-year-old Virginia Beach man named Laurence Stephen Drolet was accused of exposing himself on the front steps of his home that faced Virginia Beach's First Discovery Academy Daycare. Judge James C. Lewis gave Mr. Drolet a ten year prison sentence and a demand to register as a sex offender, with five of the years suspended after Mr. Drolet plead guilty in April.

Virginia Beach police say Mr. Drolet "exposed himself at his front door, which is across the street from First Discovery Daycare".

One of the daycare workers was the one to call the police about the man. This also was the second incident in a few week span, and Mr. Drolet has prior indecent exposure convictions and sexual display convictions.

Wow. I'm not entirely sure what's worse. The fact that people like this are living so close to children, or the fact this isn't the first time Virginia Beach has had a problem with sexual predators. Back in 2016, police were on the lookout for a man exposing himself to kids in the children's section of a local Virginia Beach Barnes and Noble (4485 Virginia Beach Blvd.). After this incident, a man with the same description (tall, dark-haired) exposed himself to children in a Virginia Beach Dollar Tree (1055 Independence Blvd.)

In 2018, a man was exposing himself to multiple women at Landstown Commons shopping Center in Virginia Beach. The man was said to be sitting in his car and asking for "directions".

It breaks my heart that the children of Virginia Beach could be exposed to this. I don't have any children myself, but I don't think five years is enough. It is all very concerning. What are your thoughts?

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