Hooray! The average of new California COVID-19 cases are the lowest in almost 14 months

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In the midst of a seemingly endless barrage of depressing news, it appears Los Angeles, California has a bit of sunshine to spread. While Los Angeles and the rest of California is planning to open full operations in the next few weeks, new cases of COVID-19 are the lowest they've been in 14 months.

The average number of daily COVID-19 deaths was updated Monday night. Thirty-seven deaths were recorded which has remained the constant number for days now. According to an analysis by the Times, there's also been a 93% drop from the most recorded deaths in a day---553 which was recorded at the end of the seven-day period on Jan. 27.

Experts say numbers haven't been so low since the pandemic first started. The recorded week ending on April 6, 2020 also had an average of 27 COVID-19 related daily deaths.

As for new cases, the numbers are also the lowest they've been in more than 13 months. Monday night, officials recorded an average of 1,361 new daily cases---lower than the reports at the beginning of the pandemic (April 21,2020) which saw an average 1,410 new cases every day.

At the height of the pandemic, California was recording 45,000 new cases a day on average during a seven-day stretch. It really is amazing progress. Los Angeles has also been slowing the spread.

So what is the secret to Los Angeles' and other cities in California's success? Experts claim vaccinations have played a large part. 51% of California residents have taken at least one shot and 39.2% are "considered fully vaccinated". California is number 12 in the nation when ranking the highest percentage of vaccinated residents. As for Los Angeles, 64.9% of residents have been vaccinated!

Good job, Los Angeles (and the rest of California!)

Still, there are rules in place. Health officials made a statement that mask rules will be enforced until June 15--the day the state plans to open. Though there are some concerns from experts who fear maskless people who are unvaccinated could harm Latino and Black residents.

What are your thoughts about the current COVID-19 situation in Los Angeles and other parts of California? I for one can't wait to take a trip home soon.





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