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Photos of potential witnesses to Oceanfront Shooting homicide have been released

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On March 26, 2021, several people were shot at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, with eight wounded and two dead. A young, 29-year-old woman named Deshayla E. Harris from Norfolk was one of the victims. Authorities say they received a call regarding gunshots On Atlantic Avenue at 20th St. At approximately 11:20 PM. Deshayla was not directly involved in the shooting but instead was a bystander hit with a stray bullet. Investigation shows there was “some type of conflict” that led to physical fighting and then shooting.

According to the surveillance video and reviewed on April 30, both eye witness statements and other forms of evidence point to the conclusion Deshayla was “struck by gunfire exchange between groups of individuals.”

Several minutes later, Beloved former UVA offensive lineman Donovan Lynch was killed by a Virginia Beach police officer. Lynch had been called armed because a gun was discovered near the side of the tragedy. However, later on, Virginia Beach police chief Paul Neudigate made a statement that there was no evidence it was Lynch’s gun”. It was also claimed The police officer who shot at Donovan did not have his body camera turned on.

Now months after the shooting, Virginia Beach Police are still investigating Miss Harris‘s death. Authorities are hoping for the public to step forward and help identify some possible witnesses to the murders.

Photographs have been released, and police ask if anyone recognizes their faces to contact Virginia Beach crime-solvers as it could help the investigation. The number to call is 1-888-LOCK-U-UP. All tips will remain anonymous, and anyone who provides info that leads to an arrest could earn a cash prize of up to $1000.

It is a disgrace what Is happening to Virginia Beach lately. Two young people lost their lives over an argument because people are too irresponsible to think about others. If you ask me, anyone responsible and the death needs to pay for what they did, and I will personally be looking out for any information.

What are your thoughts about this tragic news?

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