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What are Your Thoughts About the Bar Owner Arrested For Possibly Selling Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards?

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Though I live in Virginia, I was born and raised in central California, and that is where my heart is. And one thing a true Californian knows is that when you are looking for some shocking news, look no further than our home state. A bar owner in Clements was arrested for possibly peddling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.


California never fails to disappoint.

The news is still fresh, with Good Day Sacramento doing a story on May 4 and other new sources coming out with stories today. Tuesday, a man named Todd Anderson was arrested at his saloon in Northern California for “allegedly" sselling bogus COVID-19 vaccination cards to customers. The California Department of alcoholic beverage control received an anonymous tip Mr. Anderson was peddling fake vaccination cards at his bar, the Old Corner Saloon in Clements.

Mr. Anderson was selling the fake cards for $20, apparently.

In order to nab Mr. Anderson, agents dressed as customers and pretended to be potential card buyers. They visited the bar number of times in April and “were able to purchase the fraudulent cards, our leases with the quote from the ABC. Mr. Anderson was selling the fake cards for $20, apparently. The ABC charged Anderson with felony identity theft and fortune government documents along with misdemeanor falsifying medical records.

As far as evidence goes, according to the ABC, a search revealed several items “related to the distribution of fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination cards”. The list included several of the alleged cards and equipment to produce them. Along with Mr. Anderson, another employee is also under investigation. ABC also reported that Anderson received a felony charge for keeping an unregistered loaded firearm in the bar. Because of the severe nature of the offense, ABC is planning to push for serious disciplinary action, including possible suspension of his ABC license and federal charges of forgery.

My unwanted opinion on the matter.

No one wanted my opinion, but if you ask me, I find it disgusting that anyone could think of profiting off a pandemic that has devastated so many. And who are the people buying these cards? I understand that everyone has their opinions about vaccinations, but to patronize such a scummy business overall is just sad.

I think we can all agree with that.

With only 25% of people fully vaccinated in the San Joaquin County alone, COVID-19 hasn’t left, and we need to remain as mindful as possible. But, as I said, that’s just my opinion on the matter. And I'd really like to know yours. What do you think about the bar owner who was arrested?

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