Would You Walk Through the Terrifying "Bunny Man Bridge" Tunnel in Clifton, Virginia?

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A photo of the super creepy "Bunny Man Bridge" in Clifton, Virginia "Bunny Man Bridge" by Danny.C.Jackson is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

One of the first legends I heard when I moved to Virginia was the uber-creepy tale of "Bunny Man Bridge" in Clifton, Virginia. I have yet to drive out to Clifton myself, which is about three hours from Virginia Beach (the closest major cities would be Fairfax, Manassas Park, Springfield, to name a few.)

Still, the story of the Bunny Man Bridge, whether you've gone to see if it's true or not, is a staple in the library of Virginia's spooky lore and urban legends.

Two of the convicts escaped capture.

The tale goes like this:

A group of convicts was being moved from a nearby insane asylum when the bus transporting them crashed. And you guessed it. All the dangerous criminals were released. Most of the escapees were found dead, or the authorities captured them. However, two got away.

It didn't take long after the crash for the body of one of the convicts to be found hanging from the Colchester Overpass. Some reports also spoke of a note attached to the body, and the signature read, "The Bunny Man".

Police found half-eaten rabbits in the trees.

As the search went on for the second escaped convict, police found several half-eaten rabbits hanging in nearby trees. At the story's crescendo, the police finally outsmarted the killer and were ready to capture him, but he was killed by a train before they could.

There is a lot of evidence to say the story isn't true. Virginia is home to many terrifying ghostly tales, some unexplainable, but the legend of Bunny Man Bridge seems pretty suspect. For one, there's proof an insane asylum never existed in the area. Yet, somehow, the story has managed to become a large part of Virginian lore.

In the 1970s, some reports surfaced of an insane man in a white outfit, which some described as a "rabbit costume" or "a Klu Klux Clan robe". The disturbed man would freak out at anyone who would trespass on his property. No one was ever accused of the incidents, either. However, many believe that this man is the final escaped convict.

Still, no matter who or what the Bunny Man might be, the legend lives on. And if you happen to pass through the tunnel at midnight on Halloween, be warned. The blade-wielding maniac in a bunny costume living there doesn't like visitors.

Have you heard about Bunny Man Bridge? Would you walk through the tunnel?




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