Have You Seen the "Dark Watchers" Lurking in the Santa Lucia Mountains?

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The Santa Lucia Mountain range, which stretches from Monterey to San Luis Obispo, is a stunning natural sight, and also the apparent home of the terrifying and legendary Dark Walkers. Maybe you've heard of them if you're from this area of California. Personally, I grew up a few hours from here and I'd never heard anything and the silhouettes of the human-like ten-foot shadow monsters in cloaks and wide hats against the sky when exploring the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Though many have tried to figure out the truth about what or who the Dark Watchers are, there is little known about them or why they hide in the mountains. Despite the mystery surrounding them, the Dark Watchers have apparently been seen many times throughout the years. There are even legends about them passed down from the Chumash Indians.

The lore says Dark Watchers show up around twilight, staring at nothing from the top of hills, watching. Many stories written by famous authors have mentioned the Dark Watchers, including the short story "Flight" by Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck. The hero of the story sees "a dark form against the sky, a man standing on top of a rock" while visiting the Santa Lucia Mountains. Poet Robinson Jeffers wrote in his poem "Such Counsels You Gave to Me" about the mountains: "forms that look human...but certainly are not human."

Even when the Spanish arrived in the 1700s they had a name for the Dark Watchers: Los Vigilantes Oscuros, which just literally translates to "Dark Watchers" When settlers arrived in America and started spreading out in the region, they also were said to notice the sensation of someone watching from the mountains.

In a more recent sighting, a high school principal who was on a hunting trip in the Santa Lucia mountains claimed to see a "dark figure in a hat and long cape, standing on a rock across a canyon and slowly surveying the surroundings."

The principal tried to gather the other hunters, but the Watcher disappeared. The most common theory about what the Watchers really suggest the setting sun against the mist on the hillside manipulating your shadow to create the figures is the cause of the Dark Watchers.


An optical illusion called the "Brocken Specter" could solve the mystery of the Dark Watchers.
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Do you think there are really shadow people watching over those who dare travel to the Santa Lucia Mountains?




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