What Was the Weird Goo Raining From the Sky in Oakville, Washington?

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One of the "Oakville Blobs" photo courtesy of Unsolvedmysteriesfandom

Have you heard the curious case of the "Oakville Blobs"? The strange, gooey rain that surprised the town of Oakville, Washington, on August 7, 1994. That morning at three am, some rain started to fall over a twenty-square-mile zone. Residents of Washington aren't afraid of a bit of rain, but this sudden shower was alarming.

Wait, that's not water?

Residents of Oakville noticed what fell from the sky wasn't water at all but an odd, jelly-like goo no one claimed to have seen before. Across three weeks, the bizarre rain fell six times. A man named Officer David Lacey was on patrol with a non-cop friend of his when the weirdness went down. He'd turned his windshield wipers on, and the goo smeared across his window, giving him no choice but to pull into a gas station to clean it himself, which he did with caution and a pair of rubber gloves.

Officer Lacey described the substance as "very mushy, almost like if you had jello in your hand."

Dotty Hearn, a local of Oakville, mentioned once the rain stopped, she'd stepped outside to notice the blobs everywhere. She claimed that she thought they might be hailstones at first sight, but when she touched the clumps, they had an "odd gelatinous texture."

The town of Oakville falls horribly ill

What makes the goo even more curious is by the next afternoon, Officer David, Dotty, and many other Oakville residents became very, very sick out of the blue. The victims said they had trouble breathing, horrible vertigo, blurry vision, and powerful nausea.

Another resident named Beverly Roberts reported the town came down with a "flu-like illness" that lasted for months. Unfortunately, some cats and dogs that also found the goo got sick, too, and died.

After only an hour of noticing her symptoms, Dotty was found on her bathroom floor, weak but alive. Her daughter, Sunny, said she was cold, pale, and drenched in sweat. Dotty was admitted to the hospital for three days and diagnosed with "severe inner ear infection."

As Sunny moved her mother to the hospital, she remembered the gooey rain and took a sample, which was then transported to the Washington State Department of Health. A microbiologist named Mike McDowell found the specimen riddled with two different species of bacteria, one of which resides in the human digestive system.

So what was the goo?

Originally, people thought the goo was human waste fallen from an airplane because of the microbiologist's results. However, the Federal Aviation Administration requires airlines to dye waste blue or releasing "blue ice" during a flight.

Dotty refused to give up on the mystery of the goo that made her so violently ill. Almost a year later, she sent a sample stored in her freezer to AmTest Laboratories. A different microbiologist named Tim Davis thought he saw a Eukaryotic cell, "nucleus-containing cells present in most living creatures."

Whatever the goo was, it was once alive.

One strange and popular theory involved jellyfish raining on the startled town. While doing a naval bombing drill in the sea, people speculated the military blew up a bunch of Star Jelly, and the remains rained from the sky. However, most don't believe this story considering the frequency of the rain, how far the blobs traveled, and the fact nothing smelled as if it were rotting. The Air Force did say it was in the area doing tests on the day in question, making people believe Oakville was the site of a military experiment.

Residents of Oakville, and the world, will never know what the goo was for sure. There are no samples in existence today.

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