The Cemetery in Stull, Kansas is So Evil Rumor Says Even the Pope Avoided It

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Stull Cemetery. Photo courtesy of Wikicommons

I love learning about states you never thought would be extra, super haunted are in fact, riddled with paranormal activity. Take Kansas for instance. Did you know the cemetery in Stull, Kansas is known as one of the most haunted and horrifying cemeteries in the entire world? It is so haunted rumor has it while flying his private plane to a public appeareance in Colorado, Pope John Paul II directed his pilot to find a detour around the graveyard because was so disturbed about being in the same airspace as Stull Cemetery. This is probably one of the most famous rumors, but there are plenty more, but we'll start with the history of Stull Cemetery first.

A lot of terrible stories come from Stull Cemetery

Located in Douglas County, during the mid-19th century Stull was settled by Dutch immigrants from Pennsylvania. One of the first establishments the town built as they grew was a church called The Evangelical Emmanual Church, which was finished in the 1860s and still has remains hanging around in present day. Naturally, the church has a graveyard. And the graveyard is reported to be very, very haunted. Because of the satanic, dark rumors floating around Stull, there's even another rumor that the town was originally named "Skull" but was later changed to ditch the evil reputation.

For over one hundred years, a lot of twisted stories have come from this church, and many of them stem from disasters that have plagued the small town. Like the story of a boy who was burned on accident to his death by his father along with several suicides and bodies found in public. However, even with all these dark stories leaving Stull and having street named "Devil's Road" (though it was renamed in the '90s), Stull was mostly unnoticed until the 1970s.

A student from the University of Kansas told the story of Stull Cemetery in a school paper, covering all the weird, spooky legends. The article insists the cemetery is cursed, and even goes on to claim Stull Cemetery is one of the Seven Gateways of Hell and that the Devil himself will appear in Stull twice a year.

Locals say the stories are caused by a rumor that got out of hand

Even with all those stories, some residents of Stull, which now has a population of around twenty, and those in nearby areas claim they've never hard the legends. Or that they're totally bogus and the tall tales are a result of a rumor about a witch that got out of hand. Amongst the other graves, there was once a stone with the word "Wittich" etched on it. The grave was nearby a tree used to hang witches. To hammer in the eeriness, it's said the "Wittich" grave houses the bones of a child Satan conceived with a mortal witch, and the reason the Devil comes to visit every year.

Today Stull is mostly a ghost town save for those who visit the cemetery and the few residents. Tourists are not welcome in Stull, so if you thought you'd like to go for a visit, you might want to try elsewhere.

Have you heard any of the legends about Stull Cemetery?

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