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Would You Have Shopped at the Haunted Toys "R" Us In Sunnyvale, California?

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Have you ever heard of the haunted Toys "R" Us in Sunnyvale, CA?

I grew up a few hours away from Sunnyvale and never heard the story until now. And I loved Toys "R" Us and spooky things as a kid. If you had told me there was a rumored haunted one hours away from the town I grew up in, I would've done anything I could to convince my mom to drive me there. The Toys "R" Us is no more, of course, but it still makes for a fascinating story.

A heartbroken, prank-loving ghost haunted the Toys "R" Us in Sunnyvale, CA.

Even if you weren't much of a Toys "R" Us fan, this is a good ghost story. According to both employees and psychics, a man named Johnson has been haunting the store for ages.

An 18-year veteran employee named Pat Pat O'Brien said, "I don't believe in ghosts. But you feel a breeze behind you someone calls your name, and there's nobody there funny things happen here that you can explain."

There have been reports of dolls and toy cars tumbling off shelves. Balls bounced by themselves down the aisles. Books fell off their racks. Baby swings rocked on their own. Female employees won't go to the bathroom alone Because John likes to turn on the water faucets. And fresh hires have even quit after a few pranks from 'ole Johnny, who's just a heartbroken fella.

The story goes, the Toys "R" Us in Sunnyvale was built on a property belonging to Martin Murphy. Back in the 1880s, a plantation stood where the Toys "R" Us did. Johnny, who was also known as Johan or Yonny, worked at the plantation as a preacher.

The woman Johnny loved wanted to marry a wealthy lawyer.

Poor Johnny had a massive crush on Mr. Murphy's daughter, Elizabeth, and she wasn't into it.

Elizabeth was planning to elope and marry a wealthy lawyer. Johnny was devastated. Shortly after Elizabeth laughed, Johnny fell ill with encephalitis. Due to his fragile mental state, Mr. Murphy kept Johnny as a ranch hand until he died at 80 in 1884. While chopping wood, Johnny missed and cut deep into his leg. Johnny fatally wounded himself. He bled to death. Another version of the story says Johnny was found dead in a thicket with an ax wound in his neck.

Legend says Johnny's spirit never left the land as he wanted the afterlife searching for Elizabeth. And now he roams the halls of the Sunnyvale Toys "R" Us. Or at least he did when it was still standing.

Johnny's ghost is so famous he even nabbed a spot on an episode of That's incredible in the early 80s. Psychic Sylvia Browne in Bill Tidwell Let the paranormal investigation and the results were pretty weird. Using infrared film, Mr. Tidwell was able to capture this photo of the alleged ghost.

Photo of the Toys "R" Us ghost. Courtesy of

If you look hard enough, you might be able to see the silhouette of a young man, sad to be in his 20s, resting against the shelves.

But what once was the Sunnyvale Toys "R" Us is now the spirit Halloween store, which is hilarious. Do you think Johnny is now roaming the halls of the Halloween Store? Would you go shopping there? Have you hard of the Toys "R" Us ghost of Sunnyvale?,apparition%20of%20a%20woman%20dressed%20entirely%20in%20black.

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