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There Have Been Over 45 Fatal Car Crashes On Virginia Beach's Most Haunted Road

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Have you ever heard of Elbow Road in Virginia Beach?

If you're a local or even came to visit, you might have and not even realized it has quite the reputation around Virginia as the spookiest road in town--and has been named one of the most haunted in the entire state.

Elbow road, with it's winding, narrow pass and steep drop off on either side is scary enough for anyone trying to get home or out for a drive to see the beautiful virginian scenery. A simple passage connecting Virginia Beach with the neighboring town of Chesapeake, most who drive it (and by most I mean the 6,100 commuters who travel along it daily) want to just get off and be done---but there's a lot more to Elbow road than people know---namely, it's haunted history.

But we'll start with the proven facts first, which, I'll warn you, are disturbing.

The death count on Elbow Road is shocking

Since 2012, forty-five people have met their end on Elbow Road. In 2006 alone, four people died. Michael Hodges (42) and James J. Raleigh III (68) were among the victims. Both were killed when a semi truck overcorrected to avoid dropping into the ditch and slammed into their SUV. Paul Harris (18) tragically passed away a week after sustaining a head injury when he failed to make a sharp turn and flipped his car into one of the embankments.

God bless those poor people.

According to Earl Sorey, Chesapeake's Acting City Engineer, around 70 percent of these accidents occur when a vehicle loses control and veers off the road. Locals living in the quaint houses along Elbow Road say many times the crashes happen in the exact same spot. One local who spoke to news reporters after waking to tragedy says:

“There have been several mornings since we’ve lived here that we’ve gotten up, and there’s been an accident in the same place, always in the same place for the last three years or so. You’ll hear the crash and we’ll come out and there are people that have been projected from the vehicle."

There is a lot of outcry from Virginia Beach and Chesapeake residents for the cities to fix Elbow Road---claiming it's poor condition is a major factor in all the bloodshed, and though the pleas are heard, it is currently on the backburner of a long, costly list of "to-do's".

Oine would assume the unsafe driving conditions were enough to cause a number of deadly car crashes, but many locals have other ideas as to what is causing all the death on Elbow Road---and it involves the ghost of an old woman named Mrs. Woble.

When the driver sees Mrs. Woble, they can't help but crash

Virginia Beach legend says the ghost of a woman once known as Mrs. Woble. haunts Elbow Road, and her spirit is the culprit causing drivers to careen out of control. Not much is known about the death of Mrs. Woble, who once lived in one of the homes on a sharp corner of the road. She was found missing from her home. Police found the wiindow shattered and inside the house a plate of cold food on the dinner table and upstairs---blood everywhere.

Many drivers have reported seeing Mrs. Woble walking along the road covered in blood and confused as she searched aimlessly for her home. Legend says when some drivers see Mrs Woble, they can't help but crash their car into the ditch. Another ghost that haunts Elbow Road is said to be the spirit of a little girl who drowned in the nearby lake. Though locals warn drivers not to idle on Elbow Road at night, if you're brave enough to stop and sit on the hood of your car, rumor says you will see the soggy footprints of the little girl coming toward you.

I actually drove down Elbow Road earlier today, and though my main focus was getting through safely, I have to say I was grateful not to have driven the stretch at night---because there was definitely a "vibe" I didn't like. Maybe it was just the fear of driving a long a dangerous patch of neglected country road that has taken the lives of many, or maybe it was Mrs. Woble.

I hope you and I never have to find out. But I have to say, I am a little curious. Are you?

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