3 of the Most Haunted Places In North Dakota

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You might've known Lewis and Clark deemed North Dakota uninhabitable. Or even that it's the home of Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders. But did you know this small, humble state has a vast ghostly history? The following are only a few of some of the most haunted sites in North Dakota.

1.) St. Joseph's Hospital


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Located in Dickinson, North Dakota, several ghost hunting websites insist St. Joseph's hospital is the most haunted site in the entire state. Originally built in 1911, the forty room was built only a few blocks away from Main Avenue, right in the heart of downtown. Six Sisters sent from the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross all the way in Switzerland would come in 1912 to be the staff of the new hospital. The Sisters of Mercy ran the hospital until 1987, overseeing many renovations. In 2014, however, the Old St. Joseph's Hospital closed and a new one opened it's doors a mile off.

Hauntedplaces.org catalogues a lot of different heresay about the ghostly activity going on at the hospital. It's said employees have ghost stories from run-ins all over the hospital. An elevator leading to the morgue runs by itself. In the cafeteria, moaning and disembodied voices can be heard. Laughter and footsepts come from the basement. There's even a story about an old farmer who checked himself out of the hospital at the nurses station, only to be found to have died in his sleep right in his room.

Hauntedplaces.org gives it an EHP rating of 89.3-Yikes!

2.) The Children's Museum at Yunker Farm


The Children's Museum at Yunker Farms

The Children's Museum at Fargo North Dakota's Yunker Farms, which was build in 1876, is considered one of the most haunted places in all of Virginia. Newton Whitman and his wife originally owned the property and here they raised their eight children. The children even went to school on the farm. Eventually, the Whitma's sold the land to John Yunker and his wife Elizabeth in 1905. The Yunker's raised ten children on Yunker Farms, passed down in the family until 1968 when the Yunkers donated the land to the county. The Children's Museum opened th eir doors in 1989 after many renovations.

Legend has it several ghosts call Yunker Farms home. The most prominent ghost is said to be a woman, who's presence is felt more often than she is seen wandering. Rich Newman, in the book, The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide, says the Yunker Farms staff has named the woman "Vanessa". However, others insist she is none other than Mrs. Yunker herself, and her fondness for children is the reason she's seen on the second story near the exhibits for younger museum goers. There's also been reports after closing of a female energy--thankfully a friendly one. Many believe it is Mrs. Yunker showing how pleased she is to see what has become of Yunker Farms.

3.) North Dakota State University


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Could you ever believe such a beautiful and celibrated campus could actually be one of the most haunted locations in North Dakota? Despite the peacful landscaping, NDSU boasts a pretty dark haunted history. There have been reports of Ceres Hall being haunted by a man who committed suicide by hanging himself form a heating pipe during WWII. There have also been stories of people experiencing a strange aura, a presense nearby while inside the beautiful Minard Hall---which was actually rumored to be the site of a double murder.

How would you feel about visiting any of these super creepy locations in North Dakota? Ghost lovers, I think it's time for a vacation!

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Haunted Places in North Dakota

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