My Alien

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My Alien

I stare at you often and wonder why you love me. Most would say it’s because you are a dog. It’s what you do, what you were born for. I’m not sure if this is the right answer, or at least the full answer. I think there is more to your story.

Sometimes, I toy with the idea that you are an alien, sent to teach the world what real love is like. As I watch you play, bounce and grow healthy, I am in awe of your strength, your willingness to forgive and forget.

You are almost two years old, too young to have such a tough start in life. You didn’t ask to be born, much like the rest of us, but here you are showing us how to live the best of this life we did not ask for.

I flew across the country to make you mine. The two babies that had spent a lifetime at my side had gone to bridge years before. I felt at last my heart had healed enough to help another in need. I searched hours through Petfinder for the perfect dog. After some days, your smiling mug gazed up at me from the screen. Tiny, snow white, and a set of mischievous eyes. I couldn’t resist if I tried, and try I did not.

My mother lived in the city you were located in at the time: Bakersfield, CA. I contacted the rescue and learned of your story. Deserted as a puppy, you were made to suffer with little food and freezing temperatures. God bless Angela, that odd, big-hearted cherub. Without her taking you in, you wouldn’t be by my side. God only knows where you would be, and God can keep this secret.

She gave you the name Barney, after the bus barn where they found you. I prefer your new name: Barnabus. Barnold at times, if you are being particularly cheeky. You are a little prince now, and a prince deserves a regal name.

Your rescuer seemed nervous, which is understandable. She had never before entertained the idea of an out of state adopter, and she told me you were her most special boy. She sensed my heart through the phone that day, and agreed to give me a chance. Within weeks, I was on my way to you, and you would come home with me.

I frightened you at first, you clung to Angela for the first ten minutes of our meet and greet. Still, you kept turning around to look at me, as if you knew we were destined to be together, but you had reservations.

Angela made a point to mention it took her months to coax you from beneath her bed and out into the open. The horrors you must have endured, sweet boy. I don’t blame you.

“He likes you, look,” she added with a smile as you gave me another pointed glance. “He never does that. Never.”

She allowed me to take you back to my mother’s house for a trial run, but first, a stop at the pet store and then the vet. I almost fainted when you leapt from the shopping cart mid-roll and plummeted to the hard floor. You missed your mom. I get it. You didn’t trust me. Not yet.

At the vet’s office, you paced back and forth within the exam room. I allowed you to come to me if you wanted. To my surprise, you did. You decided, right then and there, with the touch of your paw that you would love me. I scooped you up and haven’t put you down since. Not if I can help it.

Why do you love me? I make mistakes, both plentiful and questionable. Yet, your heart breaks each time I must leave you, and I have never seen joy close to the kind you exude when I return. Kindness and love such as yours cannot be replicated by any human, no matter how good. I’m sure countless have tried to be so pure.

There are so many reasons to love you, too many to name, all flooding into my heart as I listen to you snore beside me. Your teeth can draw blood, a rightful act considering all that you have gone through. Yet, you choose to be gentle.

How shameful we must seem to you, behaving as we do. With each wag of your tail, I envision you dissolving into a fit of giggles.

“Silly human when will you learn?”

I agree, Barnabus, my little alien, my strange, furry visitor. Beam me up, take me to your leader. You and your kind have so, so much to teach me.

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