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Southern Elegance Candle Company

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I don't know what it is about the South, but people love any food, drink (sweet tea), or home essentials with a Southern touch, and there's no difference with candles. Southern Elegance Candle Company, has been growing steadily over the years. D'Shawn Russell started making candles back in 2015, in her home. I personally had never heard of Southern Elegance until I started looking for a new candle or brand of candles. Back in early summer I wrote an article about shopping at Bath & Body Works after the pandemic, it was their semi-annual sale, and I had decided to only buy body sprays on this trip. Normally I buy six, but there was a reason for this. I wanted to try new scents, but also have candles that blend in with my home decor on a mature level. Now let me tell you, we are die hard Bath & Body Works here in Ohio, I mean it's an Ohio company!

To be honest there's tons of candles and candle companies to choose from. You would think that scented candles have been around longer than what they have. Think about it, candles were originally made for lighting sources. After the invention of the light bulb candles became decorative pieces, and then scented.

One evening I was watching a short documentary, about how D'Shawn Russell had quit her job in education and started her own business; originally side hustle. In the documentary they talked about how she had no business background. She decided to take a few business courses and hit the ground running. She took her products( with the focus on candles), to any event that would welcome her. From there she now has products in over 600 stores, and generates more than $1 million annually. Not bad for a Math teacher with a vision. I would say, she found a southern sweet spot! But it has not all been easy and she has no problem talking about recent trademark issues. But the downside of owning a business is not stopping her. With a 60 % customer return rate, she knows she has a desirable products.
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I ordered four candles, they arrived quickly. And if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I am enjoying my candles; they smell wonderful! I have since become a paid sponsor for the company, she has 15 employees. I love that she has the ability to answer me when I have questions and concerns. With the company being located in North Carolina, you can't help but get that Southern etiquette from Southern Elegance Candles Co. So what types of candles do they have on the market? You can purchase beautiful mason jars, 6-16 oz., tumbler candles, diffusers with reeds, room spray, jumbo wax melts, travel tins, and more! Already a fan, you can check out the apparel. If you use my coupon code VALID, you'll receive 15% off any of your purchases. Click here to order, Cyber Monday has begun, and Christmas is right around the corner! Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping, Tis the season to be inspired!
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