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Biggby Coffee, a new location coming to Huber Heights, Ohio.

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New drive-thru in Huber Heights, OhioEverything Kaye

A new business is coming to Huber Heights, Ohio in the next coming months. Pronounced Big B, Biggby Coffee is projected to open in February, 2023.

Biggby was founded in 1995 in East Lansing, Michigan. Biggby has been able to grow quickly, thanks to franchising. Voted fastest growing coffee chain in America by CNBC, in 2011. Biggby Coffee is owned by Co-CEOs, Robert Fish and Micheal McFall. As of 2022, there are 280 locations, with 243 alone; throughout the state of Michigan. The others are spread over 12 states.

Using flexible models, it allows a franchisee to find the perfect location for their coffee shop. With a location near UD, in downtown Dayton, Ohio and one in Springboro, Ohio. Huber Heights seems to be a great location to for a third coffee shop.

So what are Biggby Coffee models? They have a Lobby & Drive- thru, which features a full lobby area and drive-thru. And there's a Lobby model, the traditional strip center(mall), coffee shop. Biggby also has a Kiosk model, which serves hospitals, colleges, public libraries, book stores, and airports. The model coming to Huber Heights, Ohio is a drive-thru model, a modular. Like a modular home, this coffee shop is built off-site, then transported to the site where they are installed into the foundation. The Huber Heights, Biggby Coffee Shop was delivered this past Tuesday, October 18.

So what kind of coffee do they serve? This is a gourmet coffee establishment, but unlike Starbucks, their core beliefs put family, friends, and community first. They care for people. Watch video on their BELIEFS here.

On their website, they brag on offering 6 different brewed coffees everyday. 12 types of teas, and over 100 different speciality beverages. Biggby will serve hot chocolate, Creme Freeze Smoothies, hot/iced teas and frozen latte. Personally, I'm looking forward to the Red Velvet latte. They also serve donut holes, muffins, apple fritters, chocolate chip cookies, bagels, and Bragels! What are Bragels? Part sandwich, part bagel? No, it's breakfast, naw it's lunch. Biggby says, Both!
Breakfast, lunch, and brunch on the go!Photographer: Andrei Caliman

Not sure if you have one near you, here's a list of all the Ohio locations: Dayton, Springboro, Amelia, Westchester,Cincinnati, Marysville,Hamilton,Selena, Loveland, Lima, St Marys, Findlay, Bowling Green,Harrison, Defiance, Perrysburg, Elyria, Oregon,Cleveland, Akron, New Philadelphia, Waterville, Bryan, Toledo, Sylvania, Holland, Wauseon, Maumee, Lorain, Shaker Heights, Port Clinton, Bedford Heights, Napoleon, Brook Park, and North Olmsted, Ohio.
Biggby Coffee, State of Michigan based businessEverything Kaye

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