Making your Bucket list: taking the Bull, off your list.

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It's uncertain where the term Bucket List came from, some say it's derived from the term "kick the bucket". Suggesting things you want to do before you die. Over the last few years the bucket list has taken on a new life, now largely thought to be life goals.

As we see our aging parents with health restrictions or lacking the funds to complete items on their bucket list. Many have decided that they cannot wait til the end of their lives to complete their own buckets lists. Nor do they have to, just look at Instagram!

Life goals list vs. the original bucket lists. What's the difference between the two? Life goals are life long goals that we are continually working towards completing, which might take our whole life to complete. Life goal lists include things like completing your degree and other big accomplishments. Another life goal could be working on having better relationship with your children, or having difficult conversation with love ones. Eating better and exercising are included on this list. A life goal can be learning a new language, to complete a bucket list trip. Buckets list contain simpler experiences, things we think would be fun to accomplish, places we would like to visit. Many put their "trip of a lifetime" on this list, due to the fact that this trip will only occur once in their life time.

There are no time constraints on completing your list, nor should you be disappointed if you never completely cross everything off your lists. You can make your list unique to you. There is no wrong or right way to make a bucket list. Others may have the same things on their list as you but for different reasons.

When should you start your list? There is no certain age or timetable for making a bucket list, as for a life goal lists; the sooner the better. Life goal list are ever changing as we get older, but the sooner you start, the sooner your life will change for the better. Why wait?
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If you've had a list for a while, now is the time to pull it out. Revisiting your list from time to time, helps you keep moving towards your goals. Add to your list along your life's journey. And it's okay to remove the "younger self" desires and goals. When I was younger (in my 20's), I wanted to ride a mechanical bull like Sissy in the movie Urban Cowboy, staring John Travolta and Debra Winger. Back then it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She seemed like a strong woman, that could do whatever she wanted to. I didn't understand what was so bad about her riding that bull? That movie is still one of my favorites, I even thought living in a trailer was cool. Don't laugh. My father worked at an oil refinery when I was little, so it really made me think I was Sissy. Later, I added it to my list and when I moved to Greene County from my little northern town, I wanted to mark it off the list. Let's say it didn't go well, a group of stylist surprised me with a trip to go ride the bull. When we arrived, we found they only had one operator and he was off. The next time it was broken. I almost gave up till Scene 75 came to Dayton,Ohio. But when I walked to the area and saw the bull, it looked tired and it had rainbow colors around it. All the kids were standing there eating and digging in their little faces. This is not what I imagined, and my adult self said, "yeah, I'm really okay with not accomplishing this".

Now in my last year of my forties, I've lived a life that has brought new exciting experiences for my list! Since that day at Scene 75, I've flown in a plane, took multiple cruises, and I've taken a solo trip through Canada. And none of these were on my original list.

Should you share your list with others? If you believe they will be encouraging and supportive-yes! I shared with my coworkers, that I had always wanted to ride a mechanical bull and we had fun trying. I'll remember those trips for the rest of my life! I also told a friend about never being allowed to go to concerts as a teen. She surprised me with tickets for us to see Jamie Foxx in concert. Going to a concert was on my list, so see it might be worth it. But it's up to you, your life goal list might be more private, or you might only want to share with a life coach or therapist.
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Other questions you might ask yourself, if you have items on your list that have not been accomplished : How much money do I need to save to complete this? Can I physically complete this goal? Do I need to get in shape? Does anyone in my circle have the same goal? Can we join forces to accomplish it?

This is when it would be wise to divide your lists up. Why? Having smaller goals on the same list with complex goals, may overwhelm you, which will cause stagnation. Ways to divided up the goals, can be making a one-step list and a multiplex list. An example of a one-step goal is making a cake for the first time. A multiplex goal could be visiting all the National parks. The one-step goal is very simple and not very time consuming. But Rving to all the National parks, will take planning, having financial means saved, and time.

Lastly, here's a way to check off your list. Behind each goal, write one of the following.


Not Done

Start planning


Remember it's not a test, a bucket list is all up to the person that makes the list. More than anything it will show you your life desires. Trying to complete the list is part of life's journey. See where your list will take you!

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