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Daytonopoly Interactive -instagrammable Pop-up, going on now in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

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Big cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York are known for Pop-ups. Pop-ups are designed to draw large crowds. Also called flash-retailing. Flash-retailing helps online stores, new businesses, and it's a marketing strategy for already established stores, needing more exposure.
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Daytonopoly is an interactive- instagrammable pop-up (Marketing strategy). On a much smaller scale of the Museum of Ice Cream in New York, which began as a pop-up that traveled to major cities before establishing a permanent fixture in SoHo.

Anytime something is compared to New York, no matter what you say, people are going to judge it. I personally, just wanted to see what Ohio could do. Hey...I'm an Ohio girl, with a heart for the city.

Since I planned to write a story on this event. I wanted to go at the start of the event. Opening day was Monday, September 12, and it will go til September 30, 2022. I ordered my ticket for 5:15 p.m. It takes about an hour to complete.

It was very quiet when I arrived, I was greeted and my ticket scanned. Instead of a list of all participants, you go through each room and scan posters for information on each business. A total of 17 downtown Dayton businesses are participating in this event. You start off first being shown where the pop-up begins, then your on your own.

It would've been nice if someone from each business was in each pop-up, so I could've spoken with them about their business.

Let's look at some that stood out to me. I loved the Contemporary Dayton space, it showed more like a large piece of artwork. Madeby was my favorite instagrammable space geared towards adults who love Instagram photos. I'm glad a had my selfie stick!

The next two make great spaces for children's instagrammable photos, Mike's Bike Park walls were amazing, better than any mall photo backdrop. It also included small bikes and skateboard for children to ride and be photographed with. I knew Dayton Dragons would not disappoint. Wear your gear for best photos!

Now Twist Cupcakery understood the assignment, even on a smaller scale; you know some thought went into the space. When marketing for your business, you must show your love and passion for your business; even if it's been open for years or a couple weeks. The goal is to get customers to patronize your establishment. If your still a kid at heart, you'll love this space.

It's hard to choose my favorite between Twist Cupcakery and Omega Records, I've patronized Omega a lot over the years. And I'm a music fanatic! Omega had great albums covers on walls and a couple record players, playing music. This space is an interactive space and totally Instagrammable.

So I will say these two spaces, were close to my visits to NYC pop-ups. To be honest I wasn't sure if I was going to do this event. I get invited to tons of events but seeing Luna Gifts & Botanicals space, sold me go going. I wanted to take the whole room home.

Overall it was a nice event. And you can still go, just click for tickets and grab your camera and go!

Located right in the heart of downtown Dayton in the Stratacache building. Parking is available for $2 in the tower. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your reserved time slot. Schools and daycares are welcomed to visit. Daytonopoly runs Sept. 12-30, Mon-Sat. Contact

I'm excited to say MADEby, a ceramic art studio, located at 1619 E. 5th St. Dayton , Ohio(in Historic St. Anne's Hill neighborhood), will open this fall. Create with clay with hand building wheel and shop handmade pottery.

Want more fun with photos? Try the 360 booth. Contact R. LeighPhotos for your next event.

Check out my visit!!! For more photos head over to Instagram with Daytonopoly and Everything Kaye.

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Dayton, OH

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