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Everything Kaye!

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What's included in this article. Why I call myself Everything Kaye, How I found Newsbreak, A BIG thanks to my followers, Recap of all my articles, just in case you missed a few, and Upcoming articles, my highest viewed, and my favorite article thus far. So scroll down and find the most interesting points, you would love to know about!

I wanted to pause here at my three month anniversary of writing for NewsBreak. I wanted to reflect on what I've accomplished and to exhale a little. I also wanted to say Thanks to all those that thought I was worth the space in your NewsBreak "FOLLOWING" list. I appreciate each of you so very much! I couldn't believe it, when I received email from NewsBreak saying, I had reached 500 followers. And as I'm writing this over the weekend, I have over 1000! Some of my fellow contributors reached this point in less time, some it took longer. I dance for them and myself. We did it!

Kaye is my real name, but I kept hearing that you have to narrow your brand down to a niche. First I'm human, and as Maya Angelou says,(as she quotes Terentius Afer, an African enslaved by the Romans around 150 BC. Later to be freed.) ‘I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me’. We are human, and we have complex needs, abilities, wants, and desires. In my writing I want to have the human factor. When we have conversations with others, we tend to discuss a plethora of subjects ,how could I narrow all this down to one subject, nor did I want to...and Everything Kaye was born!

" I'm always in search of ways to defy others expectations of me."

I'm really a YouTube channel watcher, I didn't have any social media before NewsBreak, (yes the debate continues about if YouTube is a social media), so besides YouTube, I didn't have a presence. As a writer, I knew I would need a presence since I'm an introvert and I couldn't just throw a book out there, especially a memoir. And expect people to purchase it. Especially, if I planned on self publishing it. But I didn't know what to do?

I follow a lot of New York based YouTubers, because that's where I vacation each year, and I take online classes with Gotham Writers Workshop, and they have pop-up classes in the park each year. And of course the Tribeca Film Festival is a must for me! But one day I was watching a YouTuber named Alma Shine, she's based in NYC, she does videos about her and her families life in New York. She also sells beautiful Self Lovin' gift boxes and Self-Care Kits on Etsy, MiraFloresxo. But one day she said she wrote for NewsBreak, and I thought...what's that? Thinking maybe it was New York based. I found the app and downloaded it. I saw she made videos but I also saw that others just wrote articles, now that got me interested. So you write about local news happening, food, and anything else you think readers in their community would like. I wrote my first article that day. Community garage sales are in full swing in Huber Heights, Ohio. People loved it, and I think adding in the human factor with personal stories helps my articles stand out. You never know what articles will do well, so I just write articles that I would love to come across and read.

Here are some articles you may have missed:

Bath & body Works

Dry Mill Bar of Columbus, Ohio

Multi-family yard sale

Aquatic Galore

Flash Food

Drinks from France and Italy

Marc's grocery store

Community Gardens-stopping thieves

Dollar Swap Bookstore

Tiramisu- where to find it locally

Spotlight on HomeGoods

Columbus Ramen Restaurant

Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Century Upstairs and Bar

The Honey Hole thrift store

Back to school

Finding your French community

Coffee with a purpose

Oregon District tragedy remembered

127 yard sale 35th Anniversary

Pet Face Match availability

Tracy's NY Trips

50th Anniversary holiday tree search

Gem City Black Business Month

Vincent van Gogh exhibit ends

BSA Celtic Annual Golf Outing

Downtown Dayton Dollar Bonus

Underground Railroad Museum

Fall To-Do List

Dressing for your first Broadway show

Everything Kaye! ... in review.

I also did two series, Art in the City and Columbus Food Truck Festival.

Dayton, Ohio Art in the City

Art in the City Pre-Party!

Art in the City- Wrap Up!

Columbus food truck festival was special to me because it includes my first in person interviews.

Columbus Food Truck Festival is back, with changes

Columbus food truck festival and other events

A look into Columbus food truck festival ( with in person interviews)

Again I would like to say thank you for your interest in my writing and hope you continue to follow me as I grow in my second career and my first passion reading and writing.

Upcoming articles...


Bull Riding

Fall bookstore visits

Fall yards sales

Books I'm reading this winter

Be inspired by Everything Kaye

Bonus: My highest viewed article so far is Spotlight on HomeGoods at 20k, my favorite articles is Finding your French community in Ohio, and Columbus Food Truck Festival series. To watch full inte

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