What is a TaskRabbit, and how did the company start?

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Recently, I wanted a few things done around the house, some painting, those blinds over the glass sliding door removed and curtains put up and a custom entertainment center for my new record collection built. I also have been thinking about a cleaning person coming in on Mondays to clean. So where do I get that little extra help without going broke to get it?

I know someone that lives part-time in NYC and the other half in Miami. She would tell me a Task Rabbit came and did her closet, and Task Rabbit came and put her television up, and so forth. I decided to look into Task Rabbit(I called in Jack Rabbit for weeks by mistake lol).

First I went to Wikipedia...

The first remote company. An online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demain.

So how and when did this company start? Wiki...

Started in 2008 by Leah Bisque, originally named RunMyErrand. It was renamed Task Rabbit in 2010. It began when Leah didn't have time to buy dog food-a very important task!

Now owned by IKEA and rebranded. Let's see how it works. First, what types of services do they offer? I was shocked at the amount of services you can have done by a Task Rabbit. Here's a list



Furniture Assembly

Mounting & Installation


Shopping & Delivery

IKEA services

Yard Work Services

Personal Assistant

Contactless Task

Baby Prep

Virtual Assistant

Parties & Events

Office Services

That's a lot of services, huh? I'll dive into a few services, that you may not know what exactly you get in return.

Personal Assistant

Under the personal assistant umbrella falls running errands, like prescription pickups and dropping off items at library for instance. Waiting in line, yes someone can wait in line for you! I remember my brother had to work Black Friday, he paid someone to stand in line for a gift he needed. Organization, TaskRabbit will come in and organize homes and offices. Or smaller task, like the dreaded email box-I might take them up on that! Research Tasker will research for jobs, school projects, presentations, and new business ventures. Interior Design bounce ideas and concepts off a fresh pair of eyes, and let them transform your living space. Virtual assistant service you can book for a one-time partnership, or ongoing work relationship with a virtual assistant.

This one is wish they had around when my kids were home. Baby Prep.

Baby Prep

Have a baby on the way and need more hands on deck. Tasker will come baby proof home and deliver baby food. They will also:

Organize room

Paint the new baby room

Assembly toys

Add Smart Home Installation

Delivery (not baby lol)


General Cleaning

Don't need help at home but need help in the office? No problem...

Office Services

Cleaning, tech setup, movers, supply & snack delivery, office furniture assembly,office set-up & organized, and administration services-let Tasker organize all those old documents.

Need help decorating an office space or help with a office remodel? TaskRabbits will move office furniture, mount televisions and computers and some specializing office interior design.

Are you nervous about using this service? Wondering if they are qualified and efficient. Hire a Task Rabbit Elite.

Task Rabbit Elite

The TaskRabbit Elite* are the highest ranking taskers they are known for providing the highest level of service and professionalism.

Think about it-they may do this service in a full-time position, so they are skilled and knowledgeable in what they do. They come on as a TaskRabbit ( a side gig). So you're getting the same service for a fraction of the cost! Can't beat that.

Ohio Locations

The 3 C's, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

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Get the App!

Head to their website to choose a Tasker or become a Tasker in your city.

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