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A look into: Columbus, Ohio Food Truck Festival, 2022!

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Many have taken to social media to voice their opinion on the new location of the Columbus Food Truck Festival. I'm here to give you all the details and my experience at the Festival this year.

Atmosphere, yes the atmosphere at the fairgrounds is definitely different than being downtown. I kept seeing the same people over and over again. Downtown was spread out so you could interact with countless food trucks and attendees. I don't even remember seeing any art craft vendors. Well one because I was looking for it, the Foodie Cards.

Parking, I personally didn't feel any kind of way about the parking. I've always found parking downtown easily, and we parked within 3 minutes of arriving at the Franklin County fairgrounds. Parking was right outside the gate and they had multiple parking attendants.

Places to sit and eat, there were more than enough places to sit and eat. You could sit indoors or outdoors, but personally I love eating outdoors at festivals. We took two outdoor chairs and blankets.
Angie, Jax, and Thomas enjoying festivalEverything Kaye

Music entertainment, I guess I'm just a country girl, I love downtown on the grass. The setup at the Franklin County fairgrounds, makes me think of going to school to see my children perform. Rows of seats pointed at a stage, but the stage was nice and it was large and you could see the performers.

Most food truck goers did not like that the individual trucks could not sell drinks you had to purchase from the event holders.

*Just a thought... Sometimes a truck that's not doing well or is not really known, people will stop to buy something to drink from them and maybe try their food; giving them new customers.
Nevaeh enjoying food at festivalEverything Kaye

Now let's get into the food trucks!

I can say that this was one of the most diverse food truck festivals I've attended. Here are some of the ones in attendance that we enjoyed.

Native American Food Truck

First Native American Food Truck in the country!

NAICCO Cuisine, native American Street Food. This food truck was started to help guide their mission. To learn more about our Land Back NAICCO campaign, follow the link.

Featured food- fry bread "River People",NDN taco, NDN taco bowl, NAICCO Pocket, and Buffalo burger.

Tortilla (mexican street food)

Walter and Gustavo knew allowing people to customize their meals, would lead to success in the food truck industry. They now have three food trucks operating full-time,year-round. Including a seasonal restaurant in downtown Columbus,Ohio.

Need a wedding catered check out their wedding menu and video here!

Fork in Nigeria

As we enter the festival, my daughter started talking about wanting to try FuFu a West African cuisine. We actually found some at the food truck festival. My personal favorite Fork in Nigeria meal is spinach stew or Efo Riro with white rice. Ingredients are spinach leaves, palm oil, iru(optional if cooking at home), goat meat, beef ,and dry fish.

The Havana Mia
90 miles burgerEverything Kaye

The Havana Mia, just gave my favorite Cuban sandwich restaurant a run for its money! (Margon, on W. 46th street in NYC) This was the best sandwich I've had in years, seriously. The 90 Mile burger was mouth -watering delicious! At first bite your taste buds are running all over the place, picking up on all the unique flavors. Find them on Street Food Finder and Instagram.

I finally found the truck with a line longer than the Amish Country Donuts and Cafe.
Always my families favoriteEverything Kaye

Cousins Maine Lobster

Cousins Maine lobster seen on Food Network, MasterChef, Food and Wine, and more! Grab the app here, place order, and head to your food truck or restaurant at specified time and grab your food!

My favorite, Lobster Bisque, it pairs well with rich white wines and sourdough bread. Grab a couple whoopie pies for dessert. Movie pairing lol, The Perfect Storm-why? Because even Cousins Maine Lobster family members, travel to Maine for training click here for photos.

Lyle's Crepes

Lyle's Crepes is named for the owner, Josh Posadny's mentor and friend. If you would like to hear the story just click here

As for their crepes, superb! I'm still on the Nutella kick, so I was happy to see they have banana and strawberry Nutella flavored crepes. You can't go wrong with any of the choices, hope to see them again in the area!

Chef Demonstration

The U.S Soybean Board, supplied Chad Rosenthal with high Oleic Soybean oil for his Motel Fried Chicken demonstration.
Family enjoying a Motel Fried Chicken sandwichEverything Kaye

After the demonstration I spoke briefly with a local soybean farmer and Brian Duffy.

Brian Duffy, a humble man from Opening Night and the food guy on Bar Rescue, now a highly sought after restaurant consultant, credited with taking ordinary Pub food to the next level. Duffified experience group was formed in 2012. Click here to see what he had to say at the Columbus Food Truck Festival, 2022.
Hanging out after demonstration with Chad Rosenthal and Brian DuffyEverything Kaye

Chad loves doing demonstrations, he even suggested that attendees message him; if they had any questions that they might think of later.

Chad owns three restaurants in Philadelphia, and after two seasons on Food Network Star, Chopped Grill Masters, appearances on Good Morning America, and recently beating Bobby Flay, on Beat Bobby Flay! He has new plans that include Ohio, watch my interview now and find out how his restaurants get their names, and why his mom wants to kill him! And working with Tindle.

Bonus- Chad gave us the recipe!

3 qts all purpose flour

1/2 c. kosher salt

2 tbsp ground black pepper

1/2 c. garlic powder

1/2 c. onion powder

1/2 c. smoked paprika

2 tbsp cayenne pepper

Makes all dry ingredients completely, then separate in half and two deep bowls.

Buttermilk Dunk

1 c. buttermilk to 1 tsp kosher salt and 1tsp black pepper.

Whisk all together in a bowl and place in between both seasoned flour bowls. Dry off chicken breast well, then place in the first dry and coat well, then dunk then the second dry.

Fry at 330 F for 8 min. Until golden brown or 165 F internal, then rest on paper towels, finish with a light sprinkle of Malden Sea Salt.
Everything Kaye

Components in order

Martin's sandwich potato bun bottom bun, topped with 1 oz Kewpie Mayonnaise

Next, Fried and dredged chicken breast with Maldon Sea Salt

5-6 dill pickle chips

Repeat step one on top bun.

Everything Kaye
Spectrum News 1 boothEverything Kaye

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