Pet Face Match available in Greene County, Ohio.

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Did you know that Greene County Ohio's Animal Control has Face Match?

Adoptable Face Match, is the ability to match the face of a childhood pet or a pet that you lost years ago. To see profiles of available pets log on to Greene County, Animal Control is open to the public, available pets are seen by appointment only. Call-937-562-7400 to schedule visit.

(The following blog post is from my Everything Kaye blog, dated April 8, 2021 on preparing for a new family pet.)

Everything Kaye...Pets: Be Inspired AT HOME.

I never thought I would have pet again. My parents gave me a puppy one year for my birthday. A few weeks after he came home, they found out he was sick and blind. Of course we had to put him down. My mom was so devastated that we never had a pet again, not even a fish. So I grew up not really being around dogs. So when my oldest son gifted me a cute little puppy, I was a little nervous. How was he gonna fit into our family and how do I keep everything clean and organized.

It is said that dogs don't have a sense of time, I'm not sure but I sometimes wish we didn't. Cleaning and organizing our home takes time. But it also creates extra time because a clean and a organized home, allows more time for other endeavors. Like writing this blog.

Once I established where his personal items would go, it made things go a lot smoother. I didn't want toys all over the whole house, so I set up a play area. Where he knows it's ok to play and go wild. He doesn't really care for balls but the 3-roped tug toy and squeaky toys are his favorite.

I know plenty of people that make sure even their pets toys match exactly to the homes decor. Do whatever makes your home feel and look beautiful to you. My pets toys are colorful and functional. We did match his toy basket to the home decor, so when his toys are put away the basket blends in with the surroundings. We also matched his bedding with our home decor. You can go as fancy as you like with your pets bedding. I love watching my pet sleep. And I want him to be as comfortable as the rest of the family at bedtime.

I'm happy to say our pet has only had one ear infection since he came into the family. Keeping up with your pets medicines, bathing needs, and clothes/leashes are a must. I have a small dresser inside of a closet next to bathroom. This is a perfect place for all his essentials, since I use them more at bath time.

We have a couple of leashes and wipes by front door. We wipe down his paws especially when it's muddy outdoors, and his bottom if needed. His food and snacks (we make with our Ronco Dehydrator), are kept in clear containers and marked. That way when we have a sitter come, they know which foods he can have. You might want to keep a little bag packed for car rides. You can quickly grab this and go!

Just as with the rest of our family members, we need to keep our pets paperwork together. I'm from the times of the Trapper Keeper, but a binder will work. We have every form and document from the day we got him til now. Items to keep in binder are:

Proof of ownership

Veterinary records

Vaccine records

Preprinted photo flyer of pet

Preprinted photo flyers come in handy when your pet is lost. It saves time and will more likely get them home sooner.

Having a pet can truly enrich our lives. An organized pet life helps with that!

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