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A small relaxed ramen restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.

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For mother and son date night, my son said he wanted to go somewhere where he could practice his Japanese.

He chose Meshikou Ramen in Columbus, Ohio. A small relaxed Japanese restaurant. Meshikou offers a casual dining option. Wooden tables are lined against the wall, and added since the pandemic are clear plastic dividers. You can sit at the bar or a table.

We ordered the K.F.C wings (I think the periods are added for clarification and distinction from Kentucky fried Chicken), as an appetizer. They were deliciously flavored.

As we were ordering, using the app on our phone. No menus were in use because of social distancing. We noticed that the menu for Meshikou CHIKIN®️, is shown under the menu for the Ramen house. Meshikou CHIKIN is located next door. Meshikou CHIKIN is a Asian street chicken restaurant.

He ordered the Shio Paitan Ramen, and I ordered the Meshikou Black ramen, made with...*Meshikou’s Silky Paitan (chicken) Broth, topped with green scallion, kikurage mushroom, Spicy Mala Ramen infused with house sichuan tare, served with straight noodles. Topped with green scallion, kikurage mushroom, marinated soft broiled egg, embrace pork tenderloin or pork belly. Finished off with a black garlic aroma oil.

I choose pork belly, the ramen bowl was plated beautifully. If your extra hungry, I suggest ordering extra noodles. Also they have a lot of appetizers and add-ons. So I promise, you'll leave full. If you are a Sake fan, they have 11 sake flavors on the menu. We just ordered Cherry Coke, it came in a couple of glass mugs. Of course you can eat with chopsticks for the full experience but you can get silverware you want.

In the end, we had a wonderful night. Meshikou Ramen and CHIKIN are located at:

1506 Bethel Rd. Columbus, Ohio

Hours: Closed Monday

11-9 Sun-Thurs, 11-9:30 Fri & Sat

Ramen or CHIKIN, you can't go wrong!

*Ingredients copied from the menu on Meshikou website.

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