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HomeGoods is the shy sister of the Marshalls and TJ Maxx twins, sometimes called MarMaxx. I'm not a huge fan of Marshalls but I shop at TJ Maxx from time to time. I love their sunglass selection, and I've picked up a lot of vacation packing supplies. Recently, I was in TJ Maxx and I was telling an employee that HomeGoods was out of a particular item. And that HomeGoods had sent me down to TJ Maxx to see if I could find one there. Please note: you cannot return items from one store to another, as they don't typically carry the same items. In this instance they both carried refrigerator cubes for storage.

As she helped me find what I was looking for, she stated that she knew HomeGoods was a part of her employers company. But she had to be honest, she had never shopped there...I was speechless.

I'm here to tell you, don't sleep on HomeGoods! They have quality items at good prices. There are always clearance items. You can always find an employee to help you. You can find items from $2.99-$2000. There is something for everyone. I guess something that would be a plus, that you may not find the same item twice. Once I bought some deep white bowls with eat, love and enjoy on it. I went back to get a set for my daughter and they didn't have them and I haven't seen them since. So you can end up with items that's not in everyone's home.

HomeGoods is a vibe!!!
Everything Kaye

You've seen the Walmart versus Target memes and shorts. Well HomeGoods is on that Target vibe. I don't know how many times I've got dressed, and looked in the mirror and said, "it's a HomeGoods day".

My trip to HomeGoods today was to purchase a large wooden board to make a charcuterie board. French in origin meaning, products of a fancy pork butcher.

Good thing I came today (July, 2022), there's plenty of clearance items. And we're just going to ignore all the Halloween stuff that's out.

September 2021, HomeGoods opened an online store. The online store seems to have more clearance items than in store.

I found a beautiful board today($11), a new planner and a ceramic piece to hold my glasses...what will you find at HomeGoods?
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