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It is said that Ohio has on average a 100 or so community gardens. There's something about a community garden that I love. No matter if it's for a whole community, or a set of individuals. I love stopping by and having a look.

I received the email sometime back that the Fairfield Mall was going to have a community garden. Registered community members were supposed to contact them if they wanted a plot. Six plots on a first come basis.

My first experience in working and being a part of a community garden, was when we lived in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This was an open garden; it sits a field as you're coming into town. You could walk around it, work in it, and you can eat from it.

The Fairfield Mall garden sits behind the mall so it's not surrounded by homes or a park within the community. Not being in the center of a community will make it susceptible to vandalism and theft.

So what are some ways to help keep vandalism and theft from happening to our community gardens?

One way is to let people know who the garden belongs to, and who can utilize it. You can do this by displaying signs with the name of the garden and who the garden belongs to.

Make sure you make the garden inviting, when people don't feel invited they tend to invite themselves. So if the garden is set up for a predetermined users, have a day when those in the community can stop by and visit. While visiting the garden, they can ask questions and can obtain information on starting their own community garden.

You can also place a fence around the garden, the community garden at the mall has a lock on the gate, it can only be open by those authorized to open it.

Another way to deter vandals and thieves, is to have a basket with free vegetables or a small plot that lets visitors know they are free to take some.

Those that are working in the community garden or oversee the community garden can brainstorm for other ways to protect the garden from vandals and would be thieves. A community garden has more pros than cons , we just have to find ways to lessen the cons. I believe community gardens will continue to grow throughout the whole world, one garden at a time.

To plant a garden is to believe in the future

-Audrey Hepburn

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