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Soda Pops from France and Italy right here in Ohio grocery stores.

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Every weekend I cook a large breakfast, since during the week we tend to be very busy. I'm up at 4 a.m. every morning. Who wants to eat that early in the morning? But on the weekends, well I do it up. But this past year, I've begun to get tired of drinking orange juice and even at dinner I want a more adult drink. We don't purchase pop for our home but we will have some if we go out for dinner sometimes. Some foods just taste better with a little "bubbly". So I'm on the search for the healthiest soda I can find.

So in the past 6 months, I've narrowed it down to a few brands/ flavors we like.

One store that we pride ourselves on having only in Ohio, is Jungle Jim's. Jungle Jim's has two locations in Ohio, one in Fairfield, OH and one in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The story behind finding these great drinks, still make me laugh when I tell it. I was shopping in the Fairfield location, and saw a lady grabbing all these bottles and putting them in her cart. She had filled up half her cart when I came upon her. I asked her if she was having a party? She stated, they were for her family. She lived pretty far and always purchased them in large quantities. She began to share what flavors she was purchasing. I decided to give them a try, I purchased two bottles. I fell in love with them, they are my favorite drinks. I love that they come from France. The flavors are delicious, the bottles can be repurposed and they also are resealable. (Keeps the bubbly!) You can choose between the brand, le Village and Lorina. Between the two you will leave with 4-5 flavors. They are priced between $4-$6. I did have to watch a YouTube video on opening them.

So how did I find the second set drinks...out of fear. Winter came and all my bottles were empty. I'm not a fan of driving in snow. In comes Trader Joe's, I thought maybe they had something similar to the French drinks. I found three that make a great supplement. Trader Joe's has 7 locations, closest one being in Kettering Ohio. Now these drinks come from Italy, you have Villa Italia. The french Lorina and the Villa Italia both have a blood orange, which is delicious with a hot breakfast. Trader Joe's also has a French market sparkling lemonade; I add a strawberry simple syrup to this and sliced of strawberries. They are priced $3.99-$5. Not bad huh?

Everything Kaye

I have on occasions ordered non-alcoholic wine online, but they can get expensive. The bottles run between $15 and $27(plus shipping), for a nice bottle. I thought I would ask around in a few stores, and see if they carried any non-alcoholic wine; and this is what I found out! I spoke with Zack at the Beavercreek, Target. He told me that they don't have any non-alcoholic wines or beers at this time. But it doesn't mean they wouldn't have any in the future. My next stop was Meijer in Fairborn, Ohio. The gentleman that is over the Wine/Beer department helped me locate a nice bottle of Merlot FRE® an non alcoholic wine. It was on sale for $9.99, regularly $15.99. Kroger non alcoholic wine are about the same price as Meijer, but they also have non alcoholic beer too!

Everything Kaye

I still love orange juice but these drinks add a little flair to breakfast, and a feel of being an adult. You can get in a rut of always drinking and eating what you grew up eating and drinking. I hope some of my favorites become yours.

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