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Flashfood arrived in Ohio back in 2016. There are many Ohioans that still don't know it exist, including myself.

I was shopping in the Meijer on Colonel Glenn Hwy, in Fairborn, Ohio. I noticed people shopping the FlashFood refrigerator. I asked an employee exactly what it was and how does it work. She walked me through the procedure for shopping. It looks pretty simple.

That night I went home and typed in Flashfood on YouTube, and to my amazement YouTubers had been reviewing this app for over a year. I've definitely been out of the loop!

Some are bragging of major grocery savings. Flashfood also has a channel that walks you through using the app and going to pick up groceries.

So what is Flashfood?

According to their website, it is a Canadian based business started out of the desire to stop food waste and GHG emissions.

Who created Flashfood?

Josh Domingues is the founder and CEO of Flashfood, a mobile marketplace connecting surplus food from grocers directly to its community at great prices.

How does it work.?

First you download a free app from the app store.

How much money will I save?

Typically 50% off original price.

What foods are available through Flashfood?

Any foods that are close to reaching their expiration date.

(Good time to try new foods, you might not normally purchase or always wanted to try)

Locate your store location.

(I found 76 Ohio location listed on their website.)

Choose your discounted food items.

Pay for your items right in the app.

When you arrive at your location confirm your order with customer service.

Head over to the flash food cooler and pick out your food items.

You're all set!!!

Don't worry if you can't pick it up immediately, it will stay in fridge up till it's expiration date.

If you have any problems with food, or are requesting a refund. You can contact customer support through their email. Remember there are always small issues when using a new mobile business, so be patient.

It didn't take me long to get set up in the app. I plan on using it this weekend. I'll link the website below, don't forget to check for a participating stores and locations.

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