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I was riding to Fairborn Ohio to pick up my daughter, for a Trader Joe's run. As we were heading to the highway, I spotted this bright sign on a door. I asked her what business had moved in?

She said she wasn't sure, but she said that she had seen people going in and out; over the past couple years. We decided to pull over and check it out!

We walked in and was greeted by the employees. They asked if they could help us find it anything. That's when I introduced myself and told him I was a contributor for NewsBreak. I asked if they would show me around, and if I could capture a few photos for a story.

I'm always thinking that if I don't know about a place, there's somebody else out there that doesn't know. The female employee Ariel, said she would be happy to show us around the store. She told us she had started coming into the store when she was around 13, and kept coming back because she loved it so much. She wanted to work there, but they said she couldn't. Not until she was 18. So when she turned 18, she applied and they hired her.

You can tell she's very passionate about her job, she was very knowledgeable. Another knowledgeable employee was Patrick, he was the snake guy. He knew everything about all different types of snakes. He even took one out, and wrapped around his neck, as he told us more about them. They both told us that the owner had started this business in his house; before turning it into a full-fledged Aquatic center.

In a short amount of time, we gleaned a lot of information from them. I felt very confident about coming back, and purchasing an aquatic turtle.

The store is larger than you think by looking at the front of the building. We saw fresh water tanks and salt water tanks; with many types of fish and frags (which are small corals). We saw a dragon eel and a zebra eel.

Then she took us to see the geckos, and the tortoises.

They do take care of rescue pets, pets that people can no longer take care of or want to care of. After we left, I collected more information from their Facebook page, and their website. It looks like they will do repairs to fish tanks and they also have a layaway plan. So if you're ever in Fairborn, and want a cool place to stop by check out the Aquatic Galore!

Aquatic Galore Website

Days and times are, Monday, Friday, and Saturday


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