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5 of the Weirdest Finds on Craigslist Kansas City

Evan Crosby

When it comes to online marketplaces, Craigslist is a treasure trove of unique and unexpected discoveries.

From vintage collectibles to bizarre oddities, the classified section of Craigslist Kansas City has seen it all. The next time you need to find something unusual or a bit out of the ordinary, the local classied ads site might very well be the place to look.

In this article, we explore five unusual finds that prove there's something for everyone on Kansas City's Craigslist site.

1. Antique Taxidermy Collection

One of the most astonishing listings on Craigslist Kansas City showcases a collection of rare and impeccably preserved taxidermy specimens. From majestic deer heads to exotic birds, this eccentric collection offers a glimpse into a bygone era of hunting and preservation.

2. Homemade Time Machine

Believe it or not, someone in Kansas City claimed to have built a functioning time machine and listed it on Craigslist. While skepticism is expected, this audacious post garnered intrigue from science enthusiasts and fiction lovers alike, sparking debates and conversations surrounding the infinite possibilities of time travel.

3. Giant Yard Sale of Haunted Items

For those seeking an otherworldly experience, a unique yard sale popped up on Craigslist Kansas City. The seller claimed to possess an array of allegedly haunted objects, ranging from cursed mirrors to possessed dolls. This macabre sale attracted both thrill-seekers and paranormal investigators eager to uncover the mysteries behind these chilling artifacts.

4. 24-Hour Board Game Marathon

For board game enthusiasts looking to meet like-minded individuals, an unconventional listing on Craigslist Kansas City promoted a 24-hour board game marathon. Participants were encouraged to bring their favorite games, snacks, and enthusiasm for a non-stop gaming extravaganza. This extraordinary event fostered new friendships and created lasting memories for all who attended.

5. DIY Spaceship Construction Materials

In a surprising twist, an adventurous soul in Kansas City wanted to build their spaceship. The Craigslist ad listed various materials, ranging from scrap metal to wiring and gadgets. Whether a genuine attempt or an elaborate prank, this listing captured the imagination of dreamers and space enthusiasts who marveled at the brave ambition of its author.


Craigslist Kansas City unveils a world of extraordinary discoveries. From taxidermy collections to homemade time machines, haunted artifacts, board game marathons, and spaceship construction materials, this local marketplace never fails to surprise. These unusual finds remind us that amidst the ordinary, extraordinary experiences await those brave enough to explore the hidden gems of Craigslist Kansas City.

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