Governor Abbott tells Texans, to "Stay safe and warm" as reports of power outages flood social media.

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As winter weather continues to wreak havoc across Texas, residents are being urged to stay safe and warm. Governor Greg Abbott took to Twitter today to remind residents to heed the guidance of local officials and stay aware of the severe weather conditions.

Social media has been flooded with reports of power outages related to the winter weather using the Hashtags #CentralTexas, & #WinterStorm on Twitter.

As winter weather continues to hit Texas hard, Governor Greg Abbott is urging residents to take precautions

Texas is no stranger to extreme winter weather, but this most recent storm is a reminder of the tragic events in 2021 during winter storm Uri that caused billions of dollars in damages, and hundreds of deaths.
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Governor Greg Abbott said Texas residents should stay safe and be aware that their local officials have the best insight on how to handle the extreme effects of the winter storm. With many Texas residents already in a state of ongoing power outages, it's vital to follow the guidance provided by local authorities and ensure that Texas stays safe.

Many concerned Texans are without power and are taking to social media to share their experiences

Texans are being met with challenging temperatures and hoping that they don't have to find themselves struggling to find resources as power outages continue across the state. Suffering from dangerous weather, many have taken to social media to share their experiences of the situation.

Photos and videos of the effects of the storm are being tagged with #TexasWeather, offering insight into the current struggles.

Critics of Governor Abbott say he failed to protect Texans by not fixing the ERCOT grid.

Texas, Governor Abbott, faced harsh criticism after winter storm Uri in 2021. Critics claimed that Abbott failed to take preventive measures to keep the grid safe. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) under Abbott's watch was left unprepared despite a slew of warnings that the infrastructure couldn't handle a prolonged cold snap. Abbott's seeming indifference towards Texans' safety has many frustratingly asking why there was no effort to ensure ERCOT was ready for such weather emergencies. Ultimately, Abbott fell short of protecting Texans by failing to ensure their utilities and homes could remain online during this harsh winter storm.

More than 200,000 customers in Texas were without power on Wednesday morning.

With winter in full force across the United States, states like Texas, in particular, are feeling the impacts of an unforgiving winter storm. On Wednesday morning, over 200,000 customers were unfortunately without power due to the winter weather conditions.

Governor Abbott's reminder for Texans to remain aware and heed advice from local officials may feel like too little too late for many.

The winter weather has brought with it numerous challenges – freezing temperatures and now power outages. With so many people without power, it's important to remember the basics of staying safe in cold weather.

Texas residents have been dealing with a winter storm and its consequent issues. If you see downed or low-hanging power lines, stay away and report them immediately, so they can be cleared away quickly and safely.

Stay safe, Texas.

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