Governor Abbott activates emergency response ahead of severe storms in Texas

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“I’ve activated emergency response resources ahead of severe storms expected across Texas starting today & continuing into tomorrow.” Governor Abbott shared on Twitter Monday afternoon, letting Texans know that they should prepare for the winter front arriving overnight, affecting most of the state.

Abbott went on to state, “Please heed guidance from emergency personnel & remain weather-aware. Stay safe, Texas.”

The Governor along with the rest of Texas does not want a repeat of one of the worst natural disasters in our state's history when, in February 2021, Texas experienced a severe winter storm that left millions without power and water, and a final overall death toll of 246 dead.
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The storm, which was caused by a combination of freezing temperatures and snow, was unprecedented in its severity and duration.

As the storm hit, Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency and activated the Texas National Guard to assist with rescue and recovery efforts. However, many criticized the governor's response as being slow and inadequate.

One of the main issues was the lack of preparedness for such a severe winter storm. The state's electrical grid, which is independent of the rest of the country, was not equipped to handle the freezing temperatures and snowfall, leading to widespread power outages.

Additionally, the state's infrastructure, including roads and bridges, was not prepared for the storm, making it difficult for emergency services to reach those in need.
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Governor Abbott shared a link to, “severe weather safety tips,” to help better prepare Texans for the impending winter storm.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, here are winter storm safety tips that all Texans should know:

Winter Storm Safety Tips

- Remain indoors if possible. If you must go out, dress accordingly, with layered, wind-resistant clothing, head covering—including your ears—and gloves or mittens to protect yourself against frostbite.
- If you must perform work outside, take frequent breaks to warm up, and avoid overexertion.
- Have emergency heating equipment approved for indoor use and appropriate fuel. Gas, kerosene, or propane heaters should not be used indoors because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
- In case of power loss, have emergency lighting, such as flashlights or lanterns, with a supply of batteries or fuel.
- Keep an emergency supply of ready-to-eat, non-perishable food, and an emergency supply of water on hand. Ensure you have a manual can opener available.
- Listen to your radio or TV for weather and emergency information. Have a battery-powered radio with spare batteries in case your electricity goes out.
- Travel only if absolutely necessary. If you must travel, do so in daylight. Have emergency supplies in your vehicle. Keep a blanket in your vehicle. Consider the use of snow tires or snow chains if appropriate.

Stay safe, Texas.

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