Governor Abbott's plan to solve the semiconductor shortage while putting more Texans to work.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is, "calling on Congress to unlock even greater economic potential for Texas & the U.S. by passing the CHIPS Act of 2022". Abbott went on to say, "Texas is a national leader in the semiconductor industry, w/ over 30K Texans working in this field & major projects investing up to $47B in Texas last year".
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The CHIPS Act is designed to, "authorize $52B in funding for the U.S. semiconductor industry over 5 years". The funds will be used to, "support research & development, wafer production facilities, & training programs for the semiconductor workforce". In addition, the bill will establish a National Semiconductor Leadership Council to coordinate federal efforts & ensure that America remains the global leader in this critical industry.

Abbott's plan comes as the world faces a severe shortage of semiconductors. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic with more people working from home, or purchasing more technology to fill time gaps that used to be spent doing other activities besides using electronics, there have been major disruptions in the supply chain for a wide range of products, from automobiles to consumer electronics. The shortage is expected to last for several years & some experts have warned that it could cost the global economy trillions of dollars.

With his plan to invest in the semiconductor industry, Governor Abbott is positioned to create even more jobs & spur even more economic growth in Texas. Abbott claims passage of the Chips Act has, "the potential to create 5,000 new jobs".

This legislation would impact both the United States and Texas. Texas is currently home to many semiconductor manufacturers, including but not limited to: Texas Instruments, Freescale Semiconductor, National Semiconductor, and Cirrus Logic.

The legislation would impact these companies in a few ways. First, it would provide them with access to a larger pool of potential workers. Second, it would give them tax breaks and other financial incentives to expand their operations in Texas. This would be a major boost to the state's economy, and would create even more jobs in an already-growing industry.

Texas is already a leader in the semiconductor industry, and this legislation would only solidify its position as one of the top states for this type of manufacturing. This would be a major win for the state, and would help to attract even more businesses to Texas.

Abbott is urging Congress to act quickly to pass the CHIPS Act so that Texas can maintain its position as the world leader in this critical industry.

What do you think, Texas?

Does Governor Abbott have a sound plan to solve the semiconductor shortage and put more Texans to work?

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