Beto O'Rourke vows: "When I'm governor, we’re repealing Abbott's dangerous permitless carry law".

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Since announcing his candidacy for governor of Texas, Beto O'Rourke has made it clear that he is opposed to the permitless carry law passed by Governor Greg Abbott.
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"When I'm governor, we're repealing Abbott's dangerous permitless carry law," O'Rourke said at a campaign event in Houston last week. "Texans deserve better than to have their safety put at risk by politicians who are more interested in pandering to the gun lobby than protecting our families."

O'Rourke's stance on gun laws is in stark contrast to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has been a strong supporter of permitless carry and other pro-gun measures. Late last year, Abbott signed a bill into law that reduces the training requirements for permitless carry, and he has also expressed support for constitutional carry, which would eliminate the need for a permit altogether.

House Bill 1927 — “Relating to provisions governing the carrying of a firearm by a person who is 21 years of age or older and not otherwise prohibited by state or federal law from possessing the firearm and to other provisions related to the carrying, possessing, transporting, or storing of a firearm or other weapon; creating criminal offenses”, was given final approval in May 2021 by the Texas State Legislature, afterwords the bill went to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk to be signed into law on June 16, 2021.

Abbott signed the bill into law despite feedback and objections from law enforcement, who worry about what this means for police in our communities as well as the public.

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 19 children and 2 of their teachers were killed in Uvalde, Texas. The tragedy has once again brought the issue of gun violence in America to the forefront of public discussion.

Many people are calling for stricter gun laws in the wake of the Uvalde tragedy. Some have even proposed a constitutional amendment to repeal the Second Amendment.

This past Wednesday the US House of Representatives passed the "Protecting Our Kids Act," which is legislation created in direct response to a broad gun control discussion across our nation amplified weeks prior by a pair of mass shootings in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX.

The legislation would, in part, allow family members and law enforcement to obtain an extreme risk protection order from a federal court to temporarily remove access to firearms to those deemed a danger to themselves or others.

In addition to repealing Texas' permitless carry laws, O'Rourke has also emphasized the need to pass what he calls, "commonsense measures like this safe storage law are an important step in our efforts to address gun violence."

O'Rourke has been focusing a good portion of his campaign activities on listening to and sharing the stories of Texas residents who have been impacted by gun violence, and to Educators in Texas who are faced with the harsh reality of the threat of violence in their classrooms.

Earlier this week on Twitter, O'Rourke stated, "Having the backs of our educators includes making sure they never have to worry about whether they'll come home at the end of the day."

What do you think, Texas?

Is it time for Texas, and the rest of the nation, to take a stronger stance on gun control?

Let us hear your comments and feedback below.

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