The T-MEC corridor will not be going through Texas: Governor Abbott's political stunts costing Texans billions

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Houston, we have a problem. Texas Governor Greg Abbott's latest political stunts are going to cost the state billions in lost revenue. The planned rail and ports expansion – known as the T-MEC Corridor – will not be going through Texas, but instead will be routed through New Mexico on its way to Canada. Mexican officials say they will not "be hostages to someone who wants to use trade as a political tool." This is in response to Abbott's increased scrutiny of border checks at U.S. ports of entry along the Texas – Mexico border.
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“We’re now not going to use Texas,” Mexican Economy Minister Tatiana Clouthier said at a conference April 28 in Mexico City.

“We can’t leave all the eggs in one basket and be hostages to someone who wants to use trade as a political tool.”

The Texas-Mexico International Corridor, or T-MEC, is a proposed rail link that would connect the Pacific port of Mazatlán to the Canadian city of Winnipeg. The project has been in the works for years, but is now planned to be routed through Santa Teresa, NM, which is about 20 miles west of El Paso, TX.

This is a massive loss for Texas, which stood to gain immensely from the T-MEC Corridor.

Notable critics of Abbott's recent actions at the Texas-Mexico border included democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke. O'Rourke shared his opinion on Twitter stating, "Jobs, businesses, and billions of dollars all lost thanks to Greg Abbott."

O'Rourke went on to ask, "anyone else tired of paying the price for Abbott’s incompetence?"

Abbott may have inadvertently lost Texas this deal, but it's not the first time his actions have cost Texans.

Abbott's has been an opponent of many federal investments in infrastructure projects in Texas. In 2015, he blocked $15 million in federal funding that would have gone towards upgrading the state's railway system. And in 2017, he refused to apply for $250 million in federal grant money that could have been used to improve Texas' passenger rail service.

Abbott's political stunts are costing Texans billions of dollars. The T-MEC corridor is just one example. Another is the proposed high-speed rail link between Dallas and Fort Worth. In 2015, Texas Central Partners, the private company behind the project, estimated that it would cost $12 billion to build. But after Abbott came out against the project, Texas Central revised its estimate upwards to $30 billion.

Is Greg Abbott is bad for Texas' economy? His opposition to federal investment in infrastructure projects is costing Texans jobs and billions of dollars in economic growth. If he continues down this path, Texas will fall further behind other states in terms of transportation and infrastructure development.

What do you think?

Is Greg Abbott's opposition to the T-MEC corridor and other infrastructure projects costing Texas jobs and economic growth?

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