Governor Abbott says, "It's time to actually solve the border crisis"

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In a recent interview – Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke with Tucker Carlson about what he calls the ongoing border crisis in Texas.

Illegal immigration in Texas has caused concern among Texas ranchers, and has become a GOP rally cry against President Joe Biden's administration policies regarding immigration. With the recent move by President Biden to stop enforcement of Title 42, Governor Abbott has stepped up media appearances to advocate closing the border to asylum seekers.

"We've had a problem at the border for over three years now," said Abbott. "It's time to actually solve the border crisis, and that starts with closing the border."

Abbott went on to say that Texas has been dealing with the issue of illegal immigration for far too long, and that it's time for the federal government to step in and do something about it.

"The federal government needs to secure our borders," said Abbott. "They need to put an end to this catch-and-release policy that is encouraging people to come into our country illegally."

Abbott also spoke about the recent increase in migrants coming into Texas from Central America. He said that many of these migrants are coming into Texas because they know that they will be released into the United States if they can make it to the border.

"We need to send a message to these Central American countries that if you allow your citizens to come into our country illegally, we are going to cut off all foreign aid to your country," said Abbott.
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, 02-08-2021 Mexico A Central American woman and her son cross the Rio Grande to surrender to the border patrol at tPhoto by David Peinado Romero /

Abbott concluded by saying that he is confident that Texas can solve the border crisis, but it starts with closing the border and sending a clear message to Central American countries. He also called on President Biden to take action on this issue.

"The bottom line is, we need to secure our borders," said Abbott. "And we need to do it now."

Texas Governor Greg Abbott's plans to secure the Texas Mexico border without the help of the federal government.

Texas has already spent $32 million to add 500 more troopers to the Texas Department of Public Safety's Border Security Operations Center. The state will also build 20 Operation Stonegarden border security coordination centers along the Texas-Mexico border.

"It's time for Texas to actually solve the border crisis," said Governor Abbott. "The federal government has failed in its duty to secure our southern border, and Texas has paid the price. We've seen an influx of criminals, drugs, and human trafficking into our state, and it's time to put a stop to it."

Abbott says that the new operation centers will allow law enforcement to share information and resources, as well as coordinate their efforts to apprehend criminals crossing the border. He also says that Texas will continue to work with the Mexican government to help secure their side of the border.

"We are committed to working with the Mexican government to do everything we can to secure our shared border," said Abbott. "But at the end of the day, Texas is going to do what's necessary to protect our people."

The governor's plan has been met with criticism from some who say that it is a waste of money and that Texas should be focusing on other issues. But others say that it is a necessary step in order to protect the state from the influx of criminals crossing the border.

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