Governor Abbott shares video of suspected cartel member aiming weapon at Texas DPS helicopter

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been a vocal opponent of President Biden's policies on immigration and border security. From proposing completion of the border wall between Texas and Mexico, to sending Texas National Guard troops to the Rio Grande Valley, Governor Abbott has emphasized that he does not support Biden's open border policies.
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In a tweet posted to his personal Twitter feed on Monday, March 21, 2022, Governor Abbott shared a video clip from the Texas Department of Public Safety @TxDPS that shows a suspected cartel member on the Mexico side of the border aiming a weapon at an airborne Texas DPS helicopter.

According to Texas DPS the incident reportedly occurred last Wednesday, March 16, while the DPS helicopter was on patrol in the Rio Grande Valley.

"Cartel member from Mexico aims at Texas DPS helicopter on patrol. Biden's open border policies embolden the cartels to traffick(sic) women, children, & drugs & attack our law enforcement." Governor Abbott wrote in his tweet. "God bless @TxDPS for putting their lives at risk to keep us safe."

The video clip shared by Governor Abbott is just one example of the dangers faced by Texas law enforcement along the Texas, Mexico border.

Securing the border is a top priority of Governor Abbotts 2022 campaign for re-election against Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke. In a recent tweet, Governor Abbott highlighted other dangers of not securing the Texas, Mexico border and contrast it with O'Rourke's proposed policies stating, "Open borders Beto we says we shouldn't secure the border. Yet fentanyl crossing the border kills more than one person every day in Harris Co. Texas has seized more than 200 million deadly doses of fentanyl. Without our efforts, more Texans would be dead."

Operation Lone Star.

Governor Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in March 2021. Texas DPS troopers were deployed to the Rio Grande Valley in an effort to secure Texas' border with Mexico. The operation was a response to President Biden's policies and plans for the border.

For about a year now, Texas DPS has been working tirelessly to secure the Texas-Mexico border, and Governor Abbott plans to continue this effort until every last mile is secure. This past Sunday on Twitter, Abbot stated, "One necessity of Operation Lone Star has been the seizure of almost 300 million deadly doses of fentanyl. Biden won't secure the border, so Texas is having to step up. Without our efforts, even more Texans would have died from fentanyl."

In addition to Texas DPS, the National Guard has also been called in to assist with border security. The Rio Grande Valley has been one of the busiest areas for illegal crossings in recent years and Operation Lone Star has helped significantly to reduce those numbers. With the surge in illegal immigration over the past couple of months, Abbott is making it clear that he thinks more needs to be done to secure our southern border. It appears that Governor Abbott is committed to doing whatever he thinks it takes to protect Texas, and he intends to continue to push for more resources and personnel until the job is done.

Do you agree with Governor Abbott that Biden's immigration and border security policies are putting Texans at risk?

What do you think should be done about the situation at the Texas/Mexico border?

Let us hear your feedback and comments below.

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