Governor Abbott makes the case for Texas oil to lower rising gas prices

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott took to Twitter on Thursday evening to make the case for the current White House administration under President Joe Biden to open up oil pipelines here in the United States before considering buying oil from embargoed nations such as Iran.

His remarks cited comments made by Biden appointed Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg in an MSNBC interview in which Buttigieg stated that buying oil from Iran is, “on the table”.

Governor Abbott stated;

“Biden wants to buy oil from Iran -- the country whose lawmakers chanted "Death to America."Texas here. We produce more oil than Iran.…If Biden really wanted lower gasoline prices, he could open pipelines in countries like -- U.S.”

President Barack Obama in late 2011 issued a leading executive order to dictate how oil resources and countries are to be sourced by the United States Energy Industry. The policies outlined in the order were meant to lessen America's dependence on oil, with a move towards the development of natural gas solutions as an alternative.

Gas prices across the U.S. have seen a significant increase in the weeks leading up to Russian President Vladimir Putins invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

Can U.S. Oil Reserves In Texas Bring Down Gas Prices Across The Country?
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Governor Abbott believes the answer is yes. Not only that, but, he believes he can bring down pricing for America in general, by exporting Texas oil to Mid-East countries, as well as keeping a healthy domestic supply.

The current White House administration is seeing increasingly bipartisan pressure to place a ban on Russian oil imports to the U.S. which currently makes up between 3-4% of the total domestic supply. Despite the small percentages, critics state that doing so would increase the price of gas even more.

“Oil prices have skyrocketed to 11-year highs due to the volatility in global crude markets caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “Demand for gasoline will only increase as spring approaches and more people travel. Couple that with rising crude oil prices, and drivers can expect to continue to see even higher fuel prices in the days and weeks ahead.”

Governor Abbott Makes The Case For Texas Oil To Lower Rising Gas Prices

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has offered Texas oil as a solution to the country’s dependence on foreign oil and rising prices before, having stated on Twitter: “Dear White House, Texas can do this.”

The Lone Star State currently produces 43 percent of the country's oil, while the U.S. accounts for about 20 percent of global production. When discussing Abbott's suggestion, Twitter users across the state left comments relating to investment in renewable energies, and less dependence on oil and gas altogether, among other things.

So far, President Biden has not included ramped production or Texas oil as a priority while delivering comments on his, “Made in America commitments.”

What do you think, Texas?

Does Governor Abbott have the right idea about increasing Texas oil production?

Let us hear your comments and feedback below.

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