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5 things I miss the most about Austin, TX

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I lived in Austin for a total of seven years.

A native of Texas, I was born in El Paso and that's where I currently reside. There is a part of me that will always call Austin TX home.


In cities and towns across the U.S. residents have their debates about why one restaurant, business, locale, etc is better than the other. Why the place they call home is better than any other place on earth.

I love my hometown of El Paso because it's home. There are childhood memories, sights, sounds, and smells that can only be recalled by being here.

My connection with Austin contains only a few years in a lifetime of experiences. But those experiences have been some of the best of my life.

The "music capital of the world" had a quirky "keep Austin weird" hippie kinda vibe. That mixed with great food, a diverse and friendly community, plenty of parks, and outdoor activities to keep busy families active. All of these things and more made Austin a great place to live for me and my family.

If the need to be close to my aging parents was not a factor, Austin would still be our home.

Here are a few of our favorite things that we miss about Austin, TX.

The people

It seemed like in Austin, no matter where you go you meet an interesting, or at least friendly person to have a conversation with. Austinites in general are not shy and people just talk to one another. In the grocery store, at the park, walking down the street.

The Food

Of course, Texas BBQ is on the list but why stop there? The food trucks along 1st street, or whichever tech company parking lot they decided to set up in for the afternoon or evening offered a diverse variety of cuisine to choose from. Korean BBQ, Tacos, Po'Boys, and more. I miss the options and the idea of trying something new. Even if it wasn't a food truck, the different restaurants that were "local establishments" are what we miss more than anything. Tourists always talk about Homeslice pizza, but we know that The Little Deli is where it's at!

The Live Music

You could take a walk in downtown Austin and hear music coming from the nearest coffee shop, bar, or outdoor venue. During our time in Austin, we had young children, so our favorite venue to enjoy live music was at the Central Market located in the Central Park Shopping Center on Lamar.

My wife and I could enjoy a cold beer and jazz, salsa, country music. The genre didn't matter, it was the atmosphere that made it special. The kids could play in the adjacent playground.

The Trails

Sure you can take a walk anywhere, ride your bike, or go for a run. But the numerous trails in and around Austin offered great exercise with a scenic view that was like anything offered in my hometown. I was used to the desert heat, and although I can find beauty in the desert. Austin's rolling hills, green grass, bluebonnets, creeks, and even wildlife always seemed to offer something new on each outdoor excursion. We had to have been in the best shape of our lives while we were living in Austin.

The proximity to other stuff

One of the other things that my family misses about Austin, is not in Austin at all but rather how easy it was for us to go experience something else even if only on a day trip. We could travel North to Dallas, or South to San Antonio if we wanted to visit a zoo, which is one area at the time for our small children Austin was lacking in. Or just to visit a "big city". Austin is in a constant state of growth but during our time there even our hometown of El Paso was more populous and spread out than Austin. It took less than 4 hours for us to take a drive to Port Aransas, TX on the Gulf Coast. We could enjoy a few hours on the beach and head back home the same day.

Every city is different and will offer special attractions, and hold special memories for both its inhabitants and visitors.

Austin will always be one of my favorite places.

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