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6 topics that resonate with most of your audience

Depending on what or who you read, there are different opinions on the best way to connect and build an audience when you are trying to build an audience online.

Should you share personal stories to connect with your readers?

Some would argue that by sharing personal stories with your readers you can better connect emotionally and write something that resonates with them. I’ve had some success with this and the proof has come in the form of engagement and comments. When I share stories about coping with sadness about my dad living with Alzheimer’s I’ve received supportive comments and made a connection in a niche of readers that have usually had a similar experience.

When overdone, this can backfire on you.

I’ve struggled with this over the years. My writing voice is often depressing. Nobody wants to hear about how sad you are all of the time. Sharing my pity party only goes so far. There’s also the danger of pigeonholing yourself into a niche of dark writing that you may not make it out of.

It can be extremely difficult to write as a generalist and write articles about anything and everything. I think that this might be true for everyone, after all, we write or talk about what we know.

I still believe that it’s ok to share personal stories as long as your goal is to share what you’ve learned in a way that helps your reader to overcome a similar challenge or learn a valuable lesson.


How then do I branch out and write about other topics when my inspiration is fueled by pain or sadness?

For me, I’ve found that sharing stories whether they be sad or not about my dad can be both therapeutic for me, interesting, and hopefully helpful to my readers. You see, my dad is more than an old man with Alzheimer’s.

He was more than just an entrepreneur, he was more than just a writer. He did so many different things in his life. He was by no means perfect, nothing is. My dad taught me:

Lessons in Life, Love, Family, Career & Style, but mostly just… Dad Stuff.

That's an example of at least 6 different topics that I can write about and expand on right there.

  1. Life — Lifestyle, Self-development, Aging, Caregiving
  2. Love — Relationships, Friendship, Connections
  3. Family — Whoo boy! This one can go all kinds of ways!
  4. Career — Writing, Work From Home, Technology
  5. Style — Fashion, Accessories, eCommerce
  6. Dad Stuff — Parenting, Jokes, Beer

Right now my writing voice is what it is. With practice and dedication, I believe that I can hone my craft.

Dad was a real writer. He was a poet, a newspaper reporter. He was the first black reporter at The El Paso Times newspaper.

 He freelanced and would write technical articles for publications. His work was published in books and magazines, like Texas Monthly. I always thought that was cool. I was proud of the work he did, he was so independent, but it didn’t make me want to be a writer. That didn't come until later in life. I realized that a lot of things that I wanted to say were easier to write down than they were to say out loud.

Now that the world has changed, work has changed. I find myself searching. Searching for a way to make an honest living doing something that inspires me. I write every day. Try something new. Try writing about local news. Things that are happening in your community. There are stories in all of us, and all around us. History, and lessons to be shared.

I will challenge myself to write in an informative voice while connecting with you the readers in a personal way.

It's time for a News Break.

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