A story without a title is like a face without a name.

Euri Giles | Clareifi

How will I get to know you if there is no introduction? We’ve made eye contact. Was that a smile? You looked down towards your feet.

Just as I was about to break my stare, I caught you take a second look from the corner of your eye. To you my face would tell a story, my energy couldn’t lie.

Nothing will stop me from meeting you now. You’ve got me hooked, and I need to know. I need to know your name.

A face without a name is like a story without a title.

I need to know your story. I hope you feel the same. I wonder, are you curious about my story?

I’m trying to play this cool, but this feels different, it’s making me crazy! I need to know your name!

We have something in common. Maybe it’s where we’re from. I think I know your cousin, or maybe she’s your friend. I’ll ask her to introduce me, she’s got to know your name.

They don’t want us to be together. They’ll keep us guessing til the end. I can’t take it any longer. Hold my beer, I’m going in.


I’m Euri… What’s your name?

Just like that, it’s over. There’s no turning back. We share our stories for hours, maybe I’m talking more than you. You haven’t lost your smile yet. I guess you like my story.

It’s almost time to go. They won’t let us stay much longer. When will I see you again? There’s so much left to say. We have to do this again sometime…

That was 15 years ago, not exactly to the day. In that time we wrote a story, and nothing’s been the same.

We’re still writing our story… Still thinking of it’s name…


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