A Rainy Day…

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A short note I wrote the day I found out my son would need open heart surgery.

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Yesterday at dinner, we somehow got to talking about the day that we found out Zay would need to have open heart ♥️ surgery to repair his tricuspid valve. It was January of 2018…

Zay says that he felt like once he got the news that the day got dark… Literally.

I told him that it had… A little while after we got the phone call from his cardiologist it started raining.

I wrote this in my notes watching the rain 🌧 fall from our living room window… We were all mostly silent.

Zay is stronger 💪 than ever and doing well… His valve is not 💯, and he’ll still need annual checkups to see if he might need another surgery down the road, but for the most part he says he feels a noticeable improvement…


It’s like the day knows exactly what I’m feeling… Teardrops falling from the sky. The cold wind chills me to the bone. The dark sky mirrors my mood.
Got the news today that I couldn’t have put off… otherwise it would just kept building up like a rain cloud waiting to burst.
My son. I can’t begin to imagine what’s going through your mind. I know you’re scared, and so am I. I would trade places with you without hesitation. I love you, I want to protect you, make you feel safe and loved like the warmth you feel when then sun peeks out from behind the clouds after a 
Rainy day…

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