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Today I walked longer than usual…

Notes from a wandering mind…

I decided at the end of 2016 to move my family more than 500 miles to be close to my aging parents.

Honor is defined as High respect, esteem. To fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement).

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All my life, I’ve longed to be…
Not quite sure what exactly.
Today I walked longer than usual.
As I walked, I thought about them like I usually do. I couldn’t tell if the walking was helping to keep my thoughts contained, or if my thoughts were keeping my momentum moving forward.
Step after step. Thought after thought, I walked.
Honor your Mother and Father, that’s what I was taught.
Honor your Mother and Father. I thought that it meant to be respectful, hold your tongue, don’t talk back. Get good grades, don’t ask questions, do what you are told. Make them proud, don’t disappoint.
Today I walked longer than usual.
As I walked I thought about them like I usually do. I thought about the plans I’ve made. The steps that I’ve taken, that steps that I have yet to take. My thoughts aren’t clear but one thing I know. My mind is made up, and I need to go.
Honor your Mother and Father. That’s what I’ll do.
My thoughts don’t lie, I know the truth. It won’t be easy but that’s OK, they’d do it for me. They have in fact — all of my life. They’ve been there for me, step after step. Thought after thought.
I walked longer than usual today.
Every step, every thought. Honor your Mother and Father.
I walked in a circle. I’m back where I began. Step after step. Thought after thought.
Not quite sure why exactly…
It leads me back to them.

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