Dad’s Alzheimer’s is getting worse

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Last Monday, August 20, 2012 dad called at about 12:45 PM he said he couldn’t find mom, and had even gone to the store to look for her. Diana answered the phone, she reminded him that mom had gone to Albuquerque to help my sister take care of my nephew during his first week of school.

Dad said he felt relived that mom was ok, and was just feeling confused. He said that he was OK especially now that he knew where mom was and that he was going to go to sleep. I promised to go visit with him the next day just to say hi, and make sure he was eating the meals that mom had left for him.

This was the first time that I felt scared for my dads safety.

His Alzheimer’s seems like it is progressing quickly. It could just be that since I don’t see him everyday I haven’t noticed anything like this before, the only memory loss that I had witnessed before was repeated conversations, or dad asking the same questions more than a few times during a conversation.

I’ve got to make an effort to be there more often for him, not to make him feel like he can’t take care of himself, but to make sure that he knows that he is loved, by me and all of his family. We will be there for him.


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