When inspiration strikes

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Be ready. It can leave just as quickly.

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In the middle of the night, when your mind is racing.

You know that you will succeed.

I am committed to making a living as a business owner/writer/creator… There is no other choice!

Words ring truer than ever.

Your drive is all you have to keep you alive.

Where will you be when inspiration strikes?

Are you ready to take action?

The world has changed, and so have you.

Ready or not.

You’ve fallen.

You get back up.

You’ve fallen again.

Yet you rise and stand.

Walk confidently towards your vision.

Now run!

Don’t look back.

If they catch you, they will try to hold you back.

Hold you down.

Inspiration strikes.

Write it out.

Create a plan.

Do a little bit more today than you did the day before.

Just create.

You’re on your way.

On the day that it started again, you broke the seal.

Now it’s grown a mind of its own.

There is no stopping it.


Let it go.

Now it’s out.

You’re worried about being judged.

You worry too much, no one cares as much as you think they do.

At least not in the negative way that you think.

Your words will resonate with someone.

Your words make a difference.

Your action will set you free.

But only if you inspire.

Will you be ready?

When inspiration strikes.

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