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Will taking on too much derail your goals? Credit — Mohammad Metri — Unsplash

I’ve been working and re-working how to present my brand over the past couple of weeks, and I’ll say that it’s currently still a work in progress. For me, that involves countless hours of tweaking my website, scrolling social media and finding other excuses not to put in the work that I know I need to do if I want to get the job done and be successful.

I set a general goal, rather than a SMART goal (what I should have done) to write more this year than I have any years prior. I wanted to be consistent. So far, not so good. Then as if I wasn’t spreading myself thin enough already, I decided that now would be a good time to start that YouTube channel I’ve always wanted. Ooooh, how about a shiny new podcast! That became the latest time-sucking endeavor that has me questioning, why?

Why do I put myself in these types of situations? Why am I trying to be all things at once? I’m trying to be a better writer, build a blog, start a vlog, and a podcast all at the same time! I’ve got to balance my creative ambitions with being a dad, husband, and a caregiver to aging parents.

Issues? Nah, I don’t have any issues!? (classic denial)

Each one of those endeavors involves so much research, planning, and execution (if you want to do it right).

Please allow me to clarify.

I enjoy stories. I love learning about other people’s stories, and I use storytelling as a form of therapy for myself.

I built a brand around my pain.

Clareifi is dedicated to my dad Clarence who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s back in 2012.

My dad was a writer. What I call a “real” writer. I say that because I feel like an imposter. (I have a draft that I’m working on titled ‘How I Got Over Imposter Syndrome — Well, at least started managing it better’ more on that later.)

Lately, I’ve been writing. I’ve been writing a lot. I didn’t always share everything that I wrote because I felt that it was too emotional, or that it just wasn’t good enough. I didn’t study writing, or literature, or journalism like my dad did. I just write.

I write because it feels like that’s what I’m supposed to do.

The fact that I started putting everything out there so to speak is why I started the post about getting over Imposter Syndrome. I don’t feel afraid anymore. I do feel anxious, but I do it anyway. Whatever it is:

I write, I record, I edit, I read, I share,I cry.

I do it all over again.

I write about my dad.

It’s not only about remembering him, but it’s about the ways that he inspired me to want to do my own thing, be a business owner like him!

I write about staying true to yourself, by recognizing your creativity and talents and using those talents to make a living.

I write about standing up for what you believe in!

I write about a creative journey into the world of entrepreneurship and personal development.

I’m trying to clarify my ambitions and help my audience to do the same.

From growing your creative business online to making a living from your writing, blog, vlog, or creating your very own podcast. Inspiration, motivation, current events, culture, society, social issues — It’s all part of the muddled vision that I’m piecing together.

I recently started podcasting.

The Clareifi Podcast

I record interviews with other creatives and share their stories. We talk about; life, love, family, career, style, and “dad stuff” if it’s relevant.

One of my recent guests spoke about starting her YouTube channel It all started with a short 2-minute video that she was afraid to “put out there” because of fear of judgment. She didn’t want anybody to “see her” because “the internet is so mean”. She broke through her fears and now regularly produces motivational videos that help others, like me. She challenged me to put our recorded episode not only on the podcast but also on YouTube. I did.

Years ago, shoot! Months ago I wouldn’t have had the guts to do that.

I think this “new normal” that we’re living in has helped me to no longer worry so much about things that are out of my control. I stopped worrying about things that don’t matter.

Stop caring about what other people think of you.

Yes create. Create great things. Create with intention. Create what brings you joy. Create what relieves your pain. But please stop listening to the noise in your head that say’s you can’t do this. You can, and you really should.

Take on another project. Create a goal (be smarter about it than I was). But do it, and put it out there. Share it with me, really I’d like to see what you’re working on.

Yes, I’m trying to build a creative brand and make a living from it but I understand that I’m not going to be able to please everyone. I’m not even going to try. My audience. Your audience wants to hear, read, see, engage with you. The real you. Your authentic self.

My dad did things his way, or not at all. He wasn’t perfect nobody is. He always moved forward with confidence. He was a “jack of all trades”, he knew a little about everything. That’s what it seemed like to me. Thinking back on it, there were so many different things that he did, or wanted to do. Much like I am now, he was always working on a different project.

Has starting a Podcast or a YouTube channel derailed my writing goals?

Not at all, in fact, it’s given me more to write about. Speaking to other creators and learning from their stories and experiences is generating more content than I could have ever wished for.

Not only do I have content on my podcast, but all of that content can be repurposed into a blog post like this one, a video, social media posts, etc.

The actual content can start in any one of the mediums and then be repurposed to the other. Credit — Author

No matter what type of creative you are, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Don’t be afraid to share your story. You might not think about how sharing your story can help someone who’s going through the same things as you…

Someone out there is listening, and they need you!

Your words have value. Credit — Author

Spreading myself too thin? Maybe.

Derailing my writing goals? Not at all, I’ve got more content to share than ever before.

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