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The Raiders look absolutely nothing like the playoff team they were last year

Eugene Adams
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Wow, I was wrong!

I’ve had some bad takes, but this might have been the worst. 

I implied that the Raider might be a playoff team. I apologize for that.

Their 0–24 loss to the struggling New Orleans Saints has opened my eyes. 

What I got wrong

I thought that 4 straight games against teams with .500 records or worse would give the Raiders a chance to go on a run. That’s hard to imagine now. 

I pointed out that all their losses this season were close. Those close games gave me hope that they could turn it around. But losing by 24 to a 2–5 team made that opinion look silly. 

I praised Josh Jacobs for finally bringing balance to the offense. His 3 straight 140+ yard games were impressive. Sadly, his 43-yard game against the Saints seems more like the norm. 

I even praised their receiving core as loaded with talent at one point. Well, I was correct, but I failed to realize just how wildly inconsistent that talent could be. 

What’s next for the Raiders?

The upcoming schedule is soft. That should allow the Radier to make their record a little less terrible. But this simply isn’t a playoff team, which is stunning. 

It’s darn near impossible to imagine Josh McDaniels getting fired after one season. The owner even made a point of saying his job isn’t in jeopardy

If the team is really sticking with McDaniels, I hope something else changes soon. Watching a playoff team from last season fall this far has been tough. 

Las Vegas football fans deserve better. Hopefully, they will get better soon. 

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