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PJ Walker's passing day versus the Rams looks even worse in hindsight

Eugene Adams
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The Panther's offense has been bad all year. The Panther's 10–24 loss to the Rams was a new low even for them. 

The Panthers scored a field goal on their first drive of the game, and their offense failed to score again. Their 203 total yards were even below their season average of 260 yards per game. That average, by the way, ranks them dead last in the entire NFL. 

Being down to their 4th QB didn't help, but the Panthers must at least try to do better if they want fans to keep watching. 

PJ Walker might not be a starting caliber QB, but he's a heck of a lot better than the coaches let him show on Sunday. 

Next Gen Stats

NFL Next Gen Stats can offer interesting insights you wouldn't notice just by looking at the box score. Fans watching the game probably noticed that Walker didn't throw downfield much, but they might not know just how bad it was. 

One interesting stat to look at is Average Intended Air Yards. This stat shows us the average depth of a QBs passing attempts. 

For reference, Jameis Winston leads all QBs (with a minimum of 45 attempts) with 11.4 yards. Kirk Cousins has the lowest average intended air yards with just 6.2 yards. 

PJ Walker's day was light years below even the ultra-conservative Cousins. His average intended air yards was 0.1 yards. That means the average depth of his throw was barely past the line of scrimmage. 

Final Thoughts

This Panthers roster isn't going to win many games. But, if they want to keep games close, they at least have to try and push the ball downfield a little. You can't just throw screen passes every play and expect NFL defenses not to notice. 

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