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Opinion: Kliff Kingsbury took defending his quarterback a little too far

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We have all said things in the heat of the moment that we disagree with later. 

Hopefully, that’s what happened with Kliff Kinsbury. 

For those who haven’t heard, there was a minor incident after the Cardinals come from behind victory on Sunday. Kyler Murray celebrated with fans in the front row. During that celebration, someone hit him in the face. 

The police are now looking into the situation

After the game, coach Kingsbury had an extreme reaction

“I was just told about it, but I think that guy’s a lowlife, whoever did it, and I hope they arrest him, he gets fired and can never go to another game.’’-Kliff Kingsbury

Calling for someone to be arrested, lose his ability to provide for his family, and be banned for life is serious.

But do those words really match the incident?

Was it an Accident?

Obviously, if the slap was on purpose, the man should receive a significant ban from NFL games. The police should also take whatever the appropriate legal action is for a slight slap. 

But are we 100% sure it was on purpose?

The video is inconclusive at best, in my opinion, and a lot of commenters agree. 

How Mad Is Kyler Murray?

Kyler Murray must be furious after the vicious assault that was soo bad his coach needed to defend him publically, right? 

Not exactly. 

“Stuff happens fast. I don’t know. I know every person I’ve hit in the face, I did it for a reason. I don’t know if he probably didn’t know where he was — it was a pretty live game. Vegas is Vegas. I’m sure he was having fun. But — I don’t know — I don’t think any player should be getting touched in that matter. 
But no hard feelings toward the guy. If I see him, I’ll shake his hand. It is what it is.”-Kyler Murray

Murray is clear that he doesn’t condone what happened. He feels strongly that what the man did was wrong. 

Interestingly, Murray would shake the man’s hand while Kinsbury would throw him in jail, though. 

Final Thoughts

Please don’t assault people; it’s 100% wrong 100% of the time. But do we really have to be so quick to judge?

I understand that Coach Kinsbury feels the need to stand up for his guy, but he took it too far, in my opinion. 

It might have been an accident. 

Maybe the guy drank too much. 

Or maybe he is just a jerk who assaulted someone. 

I don’t know which it is, but I know that I wouldn’t want to destroy a man’s life unless I was sure. 

In my opinion, the world would be better if we were all kinder, like Murray, rather than overreacting like Kingsbury. 

But, this is all just my opinion; I’m sure plenty of people will disagree with me. Feel free to tell me in the comments below, but please keep it civil. 

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